Bookish Tattoo Ideas

None of these pictures are mine, all from google, so if any are yours just mail me and I'll delete them. :)

Not that I will be getting one any time soon I saw this really cool tattoo and I thought: huh I should do a post about bookish ones. And so I did. Though this is more of a ramble.

1. Simple book stack or one book that is open- my first thought
2. The Harry Potter triangle thing or the 9 1/3 thing!
3. A popular one has been the glasses and then Harrys scar... that's cute
4. Maurauders map stuff... Like little footsteps or the 'up to no good' thing...
original5. Uuuu or a Doctor Who one!
6. At this moment I decided to google and do research
7. Why am I numbering this stuff...
8.  I love the font! But I don't want it to say always though...
9. Or just one that says something like "Just one more chapter" or "book junkie" or just "chapters" (like books and chapters of your life...)
10. So this was suprisingly more fun than fun. And something different and stuff :)
Any ideas you guys?
Hugs, Sally

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