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As you might well know I made a goal for the year in the beginning of January. That is to indeed read 100 books this year. I had no idea how that would work since this was my first year counting them so I had no idea was that achievable for me! I would like to encourage you to do one for next year. It can be 20 books or 50 but it will keep you going, even if you don\t achieve it.

So how did it go for me? Well, I think. The test weeks really got me there so at the last months I needed to catch up. I'm not sure if graphic novels count for the count but I will not even though they have the word novel in it... :)

Every month I should need to read 8,33 books
So a list of numbers of how I did:
- - -
Jan. 11
Feb. 8
Mar. 6
Apr. 10
May 6 1/3
Jun. 5 1/4
      -halfway point with 47-
Jul. 15 1/2
Aug. 7 1/2 x2
Sep. 6 1/2
Oct. 10 1/2 + 6 graphic novels
      -87.5 at this point (+ 6 graphic novels)-
Nov. 5, 1/2 x2, 1/3 + 1 graphic novel
      -93 1/2 at how to be an alien- (+7 graphic novels, +1/3)
Dec. 16 1/2 + 4 graphic novels
- - -
Total books: 110
of which 1 I got 2/3 in and stopped.
Graphic novels: 11
Classics: 14
And one book every month from my TBR jar!

For the year 2015 I will be having the same goal of 100 books, since next year of school will be tougher so I won't be raising the number. What about you guys?

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