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1.   I think I can sense foreshadowing, then think it through too much and get annoyed
      or then writers can't give subtle hints ending up giving out too much and then again I'm annoyed...
2.   Books that end too nicely or when the twist is badly written at the end
3.  Authors that give the weirdest names, as in all of them abnormal, or normal but weirdly written...
4.    Over-the-shoulder readers!
>I am so frustrated by this I sometimes woud like you to talk to me and bug me so than bug me by reading over my shoulder. I guess it's just because in a sense in their opinion I could continue reading, if I stop then again its on me not them. Maybe?
5.    The loud person in a quiet library/bookstore
>There is always that one guy on his phone or those two kids laughing at something
6.   New covers - in the middle of the series
7.   Instant LoVe, I mean come on
>I understand if you see someone good looking and then want to talk to them, but fastforward two minutes from eye contact I don't think you should be in LoVe... I don't think thats just me

A common one is cracked spines- I don't get bothered by that anymore. I guess it doesn't look as nice but it gives the book more characteristics...

So as a conclusion I am the source of my own irritation, some of the time. haha :)

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