The Britney Spears Book Tag

Book Tag

I saw it at theheavyblanks on YouTube and decided to try it out. Not for my love for the singer (whom I have pretty much heard one song from and so I can't really say do I like them) but for the interesting questions.

1. Mickey Mouse Club – a book you read as a child that sparked your love for reading
>Harry Potter started my Bibliophileness but when I was small it was some book about a monster babysitter or something and then Babe
2. Oops, I read it again - a book you love to reread
>Harry Potter!
3. Jamie Lynn – a book that looks really, really similar to another book.
>Ally Carters two series (gallagher girls and Heist society) bug me because they have the same spines.
4. Crossroads – a severely underrated book
>Goose Girl
5. Justin Timberlake – a book you just can’t get over
>In a good way though, the end fitted it Very well (even though it was all mm and all...): Allegiant
6. Madonna – an older character you secretly want to make out with
>Sorry can't think of anyone
7. The Onyx Hotel – a book you quit halfway through
>Eon... I liked it but I get it was the wrong timing? I'll probably finish it sometime?
8. Federline – the book you most regret bringing into your life
>I regretted not reading Cinder sooner but also reading Emerald Green so fast when it was the last one
9. Barefoot in the Bathroom – a dirty book
>Um I don't exactly read any.
10. The Cheeto – a book with an orange cover
>This Is What Happy Looks Like
11. 2007 – a book that was tough to get through
>Emma at first but then I really got into it
12. “Gimme More” – a book that should have had a sequel/series
>On the fence would be lovely and statistical probability of love at first sight. Even like a snippet :)
13. Starbucks – a book that kept you up all night
>Never Fade
14. “3” – a book featuring a love triangle
>Too many from the YA section!
15. “Cool” – a book you thought was really cool
>The Night Circus was suprisingly awesome...
16. “Work Bitch” – an inspirational book
>Soul Surfer

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