Making the Monster : review

Kathryn Harkup

Making the Monster: the Science Behind Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Publication: February 6th 2018

Based on the tale of Frankenstein, and on Victor finding the thing that makes a difference between life and death. True stories that might've inspired Mary Shelley and a take into her life, from the same author as A is for Arsenic.

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Stars: ✦✦✦.5
So as usual, I'll tell 4.5 things I liked about the book and 0.5 thing I didn't like.

Like Harkups last novel A is for Arsenic based on Agatha Christie and the poisons she used (link to my review), this book was filled with science.

This book went through lots of aspects including science at that time and to my great interest: things that might've inspired her.
The thing is though, Frankenstein has such a rich history because though it's science fiction, it has some bits that have been regarded as almost fact.

I learned a great deal from this book, and not all of it things I though I might learn, so to say it surprised me is an understatement. Do note that it isn't exactly a bedtime story.

So what did I think?

+1 | The science. This book was stuffed to the brim with information, just like I hoped!

+1 | The book delved into inspiration: real experiments and interesting facts - also from the future since the publication of Frankenstein, which I though brought a great perspective.

+1 | Not only did it explain experiments and science, Harkup also discussed places and people, again also from later times.

+1 | Mary Shelley's life, family history and connections were presented with fascinating facts told.

+/-0.5 | The writing was gripping, but the pace, since it is scientific, won't be to everyone's liking.

All in all, I can only imagine the work that has been put into this book and I think it is vital to fans of frankenstein or to those whom are just fascinated by science.

Captivating read about science and inspiration, Harkup excelled in portraying the feelings and setting of Frankenstein. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am keenly waiting for what is yet to come!

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