Popular Books I Didn't Like

I saw BooksandLalas video about going to Goodreads and seeing the books rated lowest on average that you really liked, and decided to see if I'd be surprised by the ones on my Goodreads.

Well turns out it wasn't too interesting, and nothing really surprising so I flipped it over:

Popular Books I Didn't Like
> So all the YA books rated above 4 on Goodreads, that I rated below 3:

City of Heavenly Fire 4.48 vs. 2
Saga 4.43 vs. 3
Between Shades of Gray 4.36 vs. 2.5
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe 4.34 vs. 2
Ready Player One 4.31 vs. 2
Into the Wild (Warriors) 4.29 vs. 1
Matilda 4.29 vs. 2
I Am the Mission 4.19 vs. 1
Through the Ever Night 4.17 vs. 2
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Graphic Novel 4.12 vs. 2
Diary of a Young Girl 4.10 vs. 2
Boy: Tales of Childhood & Danny  4.09 vs. 1
Rebel 4.05 vs. 2
Coraline 4.03 vs. 2
The Maze Runner 4.03 vs. 2
Christmas Carol 4.02 vs. 2
My Life Next Door 4.02 vs. 1
Half Wild 4.02 vs. 1

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