End of the Year Reading Plans

At the start of the year I made some goals and certain books I wanted to read, so let's see how I've done so far and what books I should really get to, now that December is just around the corner.

So I am aware that as far as reading goes, this hasn't been a good year. I had finals, and entrance exams, a new school, new subjects etc. so I'm not surprised. I will definitely try to read more next year...

> Classic every month hasn't been going well, with only a couple classics read this year

> My 2017 TBR challenge is at 17/25

My TBR itself is at 16 unread books (not counting classics)
    ^from which my oldest books (books gotten before this year)
       > My True Love Gave to Me
        > Frost Like Night

From my 2017 anticipated reads left to read/get:
        > Solutions and Other Problems (hasn't been published)
        > Now I Rise
        > Lucky in Love
        > The Gatlon School for Vigilantes

Top 3 books I still want to get to this year:
        > There's Someone Inside Your House
        > Eliza and Her Monsters
        > Pallokala

...but I'll most likely end up rereading some Harry Potter books, like always at the end of the year

Read on lovelies,

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