TBR update!

Along the years, I've done lots of TBR posts/challenges/updates and now I'm proud to announce:
I'm officially at zero!
Also perfect timing because the yearly Helsinki Book Fair is next week, and I know I won't be able to not buy any books...

My yearly TBR, 2018 - (which I update): link

May of 2014 - TBR jar (I kept it up for a year): link

February of 2015 - #0by16 inspired challenge: reading all the books you bought before that year

December of 2015 - reading only books from my shelf (not from the library or my brothers shelf)

January 2016 - Around the World in 52 Books Challenge link
                           & again reading all the books I'd bought the previous year, which I continue

June of 2016 - TBR is at 0link (and that summer was spent reading books from my brothers shelf I was putting off)

January 2017 - Modified, around the world in 52 books, Challenge link (this time aimed for expanding what I read)

January 2018 - Modified Challenge link (aimed for expanding what I read)

An interesting thing I also I noticed was that the last four books were all different genres, and the ones I read the most (non-fiction science book, standalone fairytale retelling, fantasy series conclusion, standalone contemporary). I wanted to see if they were all a genre that I maybe don't tend to gravitate towards, but nope.

Read on lovelies,

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