Instead of my normal Top 5 Wednesday I decided to talk about my new TBR jar :)

I have seen this idea floating around YouTube and I wanted to make one. And so I did.
The consept is getting a jar, I used and old and used one for age, and putting the title of every book you have in your room/house that you still have yet to read. Your To Be Read pile.

Then for me I take one out every month and read that book. If I've already read it I'll take another one. If it's a second in a series but I haven't read the first one, I'll read the first one (When the first ones title comes out you read the second book).

There is a catch though. If you don't want to read the book that comes you probably won't at all so you needd to give it away. This is perfect for any used book stores you might have somewhere where you live or just give it to a friend who reads.

I made the jar at the end of April, but I still had time to pick out a title for that month. I got Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I then proceeded to reading it (I won't say anything about how I liked it since I'll be doing a review soon).
For this month I got The Drakest Minds by Alexandra Bracken (I know I still haven't read it, but now I'll get to it). I also have Never Fade, the second book, so I will probably read them both this month :)

So this is my update if anyone was wondering why my  Read This Month had Fangirl with TBR Jar in brackets.

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