Top 5 Wednesday

April 30th
Hated Characters

1. Voldemort (from Harry Potter)
- Voldemort was propably the first character I truely hated for not understanding, why he was evil I guess.

2. Count Saint-Germain (from Ruby Red)
- I strongly dislike this fictional character. I do enjoy hating him though, if that makes sense.

3. The Magister (from The Infernal Devices)
- At times when reading these books I wanted to stop and just think how I wanted him to be killed.

4. President Snow (from The Hunger Games)
-This character truely creeped me out. I felt like he was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I guess he was through the cameras and people working for him.

5. Selia (from Goose Girl)
-I disliked her from the beginning. Even when she was on the good-guys side. She made me angry and hateful toward her even by being nice.

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