Top 5 Wednesday

May 14th
Magical Items

When I saw what this weeks topic was I think I might have squealed... Might have...
Starting this I suspected it to be one of the hardest ones yet. So I made the list using one series only once. Otherwise ones from Harry Potter would overpower in this post, but I want other books to have a better chance so, onto the list (You will see later why I crossed this)

1. Harry Potter - Wand
Um... Yeah self explanatory, and I'm slightly cheating with this because with it you could get anything... But it is still amazingly extraordinary so hope I'm forgiven

Kay, so after I got that out of the way... I couldn't think of any other ones! Even from HP! Like, what magical items are there? I thought this would be hard to choose from the multiple but I mean come on I can't think of even five.

2. The two mirror halves that you can see the other on that side from the one on your side
great explanation, right? it's from Harry Potter

3. Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare
All  of Cassandra Clares imaginative inventions, using magic, were amazing.

4. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
I put this here not because of a single magical item but because the creativity used when gathering all those bits of the magical realm (and how wishes are gotten!). It was so interesting to read, even though I was so confused not remembering all the names, I love it.

5. Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins
The world building in this reminded me of Harry Potter, it made me like the book less since I get those moments when I think it's thanks to HP since it was first and all... If that makes any sense. But yes after I got over all that I really liked this trilogy over all (and oh my the wittiness!) I liked all the magical portals and all the magic involved in this since  it was more complicated than it seemed at first.

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