Fangirl : review

by: Rainbow Rowell

I only just read this book but when someone mailed me asking had I read this/can I do a review on it my reaction was: "Ha...have...have I...read it!!" Yeah pretty much... So as you probably can see I kinda liked it. A bit more than that... Yeah it was suprisingly astonishing.

The title wraps the story in a nutshell pretty much... So what is it about (other than fangirling that is)?

Cath has a twin but now that they are going to college they will separate.
Cath loves Simon Snow (a book series in this book), and writes a popular FanFixx about it. The thing is the last book is coming and then it'll all end.
All these changes, and Cath doesn't like changes.
She gets a roommate, finds love, has an english teacher who is not too crazy about FanFixx and a handsome classmate who loves to talk about writing.
All of this and she's worrying of her dad, who she doesn't think should be alone in that fragile state of his.
Coming of age, getting friends and starting to live can be quite a task for Cath.
Can she do this all? Start living, forget and continue, not to worry but write?

Now onto thoughts. As I might have mentioned I liked this book. I have to be honest, I was some what afraid of starting the book... I had heard only good things and all, but multiple over hyped books I read are not as special as I first thought they would. I have this problem that I have too great expectations for them and get disappointed even though they were good books. This is why if you are wondering, I read very hyped books later when it has died down a bit. Yes I am often not able to join the fandom but there are other great books to read too other than the most popular books at that time. If you only read books at the moments they are hyped you won't be reading some amazing books where the fandom has died already or if they are older!
So after these thoughts I must say I was suprised at how good Fangirl was. It was refreshing and somethings I could relate to in a weird way. The Simon Snow series of course were the Harry Potters, and FanFixx fanfiction if you didn't catch that, and they brought back the feelings from those books. The Harry Potters hold a place in my heart and Fangirl brought it closer.
I am not saying Fangirl was only good because it brought memories of Harry Potter, no Fangirl was a fantastic book itself! It brought some problems in personal qualities I have and showed ways to go on happily. It was SuCh a fun read overall and I'm excited to read other books by this author (nope haven't read anything else by her, I know).

Was it realistic?
At first it came all in a rush, but then again when does not life act that way? I was surprised to see how so many realistic things happened! Then again who finds guys and love right like that?... Through all of these things, realistic and realistic-only-to-some qualities, Cath grew definitely learning from mistakes. I liked that you could really see the character development and not only in Cath but other characters. I know it sounds cliché and all but I know I learned things from the characters too. I am sure I wasn't the only one, right?
Rainbow Rowell hit all the marks she tried and I am sure she will also in the future. There are some bright reading moments coming up

So have you read it?

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