My Goodreads Shelves, Update 2018

I made a post in September 2015 (link) which I updated in February 2017 explaining my Goodreads shelves I've created to catalog all my books (I also have a more in depth Excel on it link to that post).

Since it's been almost two years again I'm making an updated post explaining them.

My Goodreads

All (635)
collections-tbr ‎(3)             Classic collections that I have not completed
dnf_yet-never ‎(20)           Books I did not finish, some with the thought of maybe finishing
*have ‎(167)                      Books I own physical copies of
*reviewed ‎(58)                  Books I've reviewed (on Goodreads)
arc-sent4review ‎(43)          Advanced Readers Copies or other books sent to me from publishers/authors
classics-awards-read ‎(90)   Classic books and award winning book I've read
classics-to ‎(12)                   Classics I have yet to but want to read
continuation ‎(11)              Series I'm in the middle of (book shelved here is a series I've started but book I haven't read)
ebook ‎(31)                        Books I own electronic copies of
ebook-classics ‎(27)          Classics I own electronic copies of (book shelved here isn't in the "ebook" shelf)
get ‎(13)                             Books I want to buy
get-read ‎(4)                       Books I want to buy that I have already read
graphic-novels ‎(64)           Graphic novels that I've read
library ‎(10)                        Books I want to read from the library
series-i-dnf ‎(74)                Series I won't continue (book shelved here is the last one in the series I read)
series-i-finished ‎(55)         Series I finished (book shelved here is the last one in the series)
tbr ‎(1)                               My To Be Read books (books I own but haven't read (all formats))
tbr-sent ‎(0)                       My To Be Read books I was sent
x-18 ‎(0)                             Those books from my TBR shelf that I bought in 2018
y-17 ‎(1)                             Those book from my TBR shelf that I bought in 2017

Read on lovelies,

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