The Crucible vs The Witch of Blackbird Pond

The Crucible vs. The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Now, I know these are both VeRy different but I still wanted to discuss them in a same review since they reminded me of each other. Both take place somewhere in the 17th century and have a theme on witch trials.

Arthur Miller- The Crucible (published 1953) takes place in the17th century
The Crucible- This play is a drama set in Salem, where people are starting to be accused of witchcraft. A trial is brought and a lot of violence come about. The people in this town are part of a theocracy and all the religious matters hold a hand with this book.

Elizabeth George Speare-  The Witch of Blackbird Pond (published 1978) takes place in the late 17th century
The Witch of Blackbird Pond- The main character Kit travels to some relatives after being orphaned. She meets new people amongst who there is an older woman who is seen as a witch and a sailor. When the people find out about Kit being friends with the lady by the meadow theyr suspisions grow and accusations start flying.

The historical events are closish to true but largly fiction. These stories follow small towns and how rumors and fights, accusations and beliefs on neighbours and anyone really start to grow. Both the societies are so fragile that the poeple pretty much believe anything told, even things against people thought to be friends of theirs. They have all grown together buildings whats around them but they have no trust whatsoever. If they have a bad crop they could techniquelly blame their neighbours and spread rumours how they are witches and destroying others crop.

The trials held were similar in a way that it was the word against the person wringed and the believed witch. The 'witch' was then most-likely killed even when innocent. The reputation of these people also mattered. They needed all the trust they could build and if you found out someone is lying you assume straigh that they have been lying all the time and therefor most likely to be a witch or posessed.
Obviously right? That is DeFiNeTlY the way to go. Note the sarcasm.

Which one did I like more, you aks. In my opinion I liked The Witch of Blackbird Pond more since I enjoyed it far more. I did like the plot in the Crucible though but it was a bit slower and did not contain as much character development. This was because we didn't have a main character since it was a the play (it was like you were there and you could only hear what they were saying and doing, not thinking or reasoning).

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