Read This Month


  1. Love, Lies and Spies
  2. Just Dreaming (Series Finisher)
  3. Enigma (Series Finisher)


Male/Female author:
         100% female,
         33% *historical* retelling,

         100 % physical books

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Summer is Over

[Book Tag]

School started this week for me, which means my reading rythm will change. Also usually I tend to gravitate towards more contemporary books in the summer season which might change now that we are moving towards fall.
So I decided to do this tag that I came across for the end of the summer season.

1-How many books did you read this summer?
Unfortunately I haven't been reading that much this summer, or well the whole year, so my total for May-August is 6+2+7+3

2-If you took a trip, did you take books along with you and what are they?
The only trips I made (longer than a day) were to the family summer house by the lake and there I read:  I See London I See France, This is How it Happened, Changes in Latitudes, Flame in the Mist & Dream On. - So lots of contemporary and a couple fantasy ones.

3-Did you read any series/trilogies over the summer?
I made it into a goal to finish as many series as I could and so I'll list the ones I finished:
All Fall Down, Naturals, Silver, Anomaly
(So what's left of those on my shelves is Snow Like Ashes and the Kiss of Deception)

4-Did you read any books set during the summertime?
Yes pleanty, like I said I like to read contemporary and romance books during the summer season and lots of those fittingly have a summery setting to them.

5-What book(s) did you want to read but didn't have time for?
The ones I mentioned for series I want to finish in Q3 and also some others:
The Idiot Brain, the Season of You & Me and I was also wishing on reading more classics.

6-Did you accomplish any book related goals?
I finished some from the yearly challenge list (link)
Also my goal of keeping my TBR small and not buying that many more - which I think I succeeded in, and even had an unhaul (link)
As for reading a classic per month - that didn't go well.

7-What was your favorite place to get comfy and read?
My bed. Haven't really been reading anywhere else lately...

8-What particular genre did you read most?
July was the only month in which I read something other than contemporary the most (it being 14% contemporary and 29% of crime and 29% of fantasy).
But overall definitely contemporary

9-What was your absolute favorite thing to read all summer?
Surprisingly I have an asnwer for this - My Lady Jane. It was one of the few 5 star reads and I was just so positively suprised by it

10-Are you happy or sad summer is coming to its end?
Bit of both. I started at a new school which I was so looking forward to, but at the same time who wouldn't miss having a vacation?

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Data and Statistics

So every year I make a yearly post about all kinds of data I gather about the books I've read.
So this year I decided to add some data to my monthly wrap-ups as well will I've been enjoying.

2016 - link

I decided to make a list regarding the data I gather and add to my Excel and show some charts and explain some decisions

READ table - contains: title, rating, author, publication year, language, mark if it's part of a series, date read, genre, mark if I've reviewed it, edition (physical, e-, audio,  ARC) and times I've reread it

For example: 
       Title                                                      rating      author         public.    lang.     series  date read       genre

(stand alone: s. open series: o, finished series f)

EBOOKS table - contains: title, author, rating

OWN/TBR table - contains: title, stars, author, language, genre

SERIES tables - finished/won't continue, currently in the middle of, and the amount of books in the series

CLASSICS: a table for all author with bindups and listed all its contents (plays, short stories...) with title, rating, and order that it's in the book

CHARTS: monthly count, yearly count, star rating, genres of both read and owned

(So the genres are a bit weird but if one catagory is technically a subcatagory of another - like fantasy and magic - you choose the one that is closest and if there isn't one you take a broader one.
So if it's a fantasy book without magic you choose fantasy.
It's been working for me, but I admit it's very peculiar.)

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Musical Theatre


1. Wicked - Favourite fictional friendship
The Harry Potter trio, and everyone else that belong

2. Sweeney Todd - Favourite villain
I love to hate Umbridge she just gets me so angry and aren't strong feelings a mark of a good writer?

3. Phantom of the Opera - Favourite love triangle
This is the hardest question because I tend to strongly dislike this trope but I'll go with the Infernal Devices, but at the same time I don't feel like that's a good answer because I didn't like the triangle nor really how it was resolved but I really liked the relationships when they weren't a jumbled mess.

4. The Lion King - Favourite sidekick
The trio from Gallagher Girls (that turns into a pentagon?) is one of my favourites since all their storylines worked well and were entertaining on their own.

5. Grease - Least favourite ending
The White Rabbit Chronicles. I think the ending worked well and I liked it, but I hated how one characters death was resolved by just getting a replacement in the last book.
(also read my answer to q7)

6. Matilda: The Musical - Favourite adaptation of a book
The movie for Howl's moving castle is one I love

7. Les Miserables - Favourite death in a book
I'm picking a controversial one - The Divergent trilogy (y'all know the end of Allegiant). Now while I hated that it happened - doesn't that show how Roth had us wrapped around her finger and made us feel all those things?
Don't get me wrong I absolutely loathe that that character died but it was so well done, so I hate it and I love it.

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Book Haul

The funny thing is, I bought most of these book because post-it tabs were on sale at a bookstore... Haven't heard that excuse yet have ya?

  1. The Idiot Brain
  2. Just Dreaming
  3. Enigma
  4. The Season of You & Me

The ones I've already read, and waited to find pretty copies:
(I have a post about buying classics and different editions - explaining my decisions as well)
  1. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
  2. To Kill a Mockingbird

I strongly dislike this cover.
What's with faces, and that pose?!

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