Revamping an Old Post


Revamp an old post: The Beginning, four years later

I looked at my first post and I felt like I needed to add to it and go through what I started out with.


Out With the Old (link)
Oct. 25th 2013

The Start of Booksonal
Dear you,

I started this blog to write about books. Shocker, since the title is there...
Anyway, so as you can assume I love reading books. I don't have that many, but I read loads. I decided to make a blog for writing about them. About what I have read, how much I loved them (if I even liked them), overall about books and I'll maybe make some book tags.

I'll try to post every Saturday, but probably I will be delayed sometimes...
So hope you will like my posts,
and as always read on.



In With the New
Oct. 21st 2017

Booksonal Four Years Later

This blog has brought me good & bad times, new perspectives & people, long nights & lots and lots of notes and ideas.

I started out with Word documents, post-its and full notebooks about what I've read. I took the jump to a blog in 2013 (I wasn't always as active though), so it's been four years next week!

I didn't start so that people would read it - it was actually not something I wanted. Let me explain that with this:

            About the name Booksonal. Well I started this blog more like a journal that was               therapeutic in a way. My thoughts are always mine and so they feel personal and so -               hence the name.

So no I wasn't looking for readers, I wanted - still want to - express my thoughts and people who read it and can relate are just a bonus. But to all of those who have been reading, for a shorter or longer time, thank you.

If you've never written down why you like or don't like a book it can really organize your thoughts and your star ratings. And if you've been reading the blog for some time you know I love being organized.
               The point is try it out - you might be surprised.

Read on lovelies,

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