Read This Month


1. Locke and Key vol. 6, graphic novel
2. Fables vol. 6, graphic novel
3. Yes Please
4. Heroes vol.1, graphic novel
5. Fables 7, graphic novel
6. Speak (Prize winner so: CftM)
7. Love Letters to the Dead (TBR)
8. Heroes vol. 2, graphic novel
9. The Initiation



"I read with a steady diet of fairytales". I love them, I really do, and retellings are one of my favourite things. But the thing is even though I love them, they defenetly have their faults.
           Now I'm talking about the "Prince Charming" and the "Black & Whiteness of the evil step mother". The brothers Grimm of course have great versions, well I suppose they aren't versions if they're the first ones... Well I won't be talking about those ones so here are a couple things.

These are from a movie I just saw, Hallmarks RomCom: Love by the Book.

>You and your perfect guy make the fairytale right for you. He doesn't appear already in shining armour.

>The thing with fairytales is sometimes you need to get out of your tower to find your prince. You can't expect to them find you in a tower.

>And remember that there is no prince charming. It's not a one-fits-all thing, and you just need to find yours.

>Another thing is, sometimes the villain is in sheeps clothing and you can never look at is as a black and white picture. Not all things go to only the other.

>When cinderella went to the ball, she had no idea her life was going to change. She just needed a night out.


New Releases 2015

New releases of later this year, which I definetly want to get

The Isle of the Lost
The Wrath and the Dawn
The Heart of Betrayal
Hollywood Witch Hunter
The Heartbreakers
A Mad Zombie Party
Manners & Mutiny
All In
The Revolution of Ivy
See How They Run


My Goodreads Shelves

Link to my GoodReads

I know people are confused by what my shelf names in goodreads mean so here:
(I like to keep the names of them short so it's easy to see what is what for me)

Amongst the "read" "currently-reading" and "to-read" I made a shelf for those that I "didn't_finish_yet-never": this is for both ones I never finished and don't plan on finishing and those that I do still plan on reading.

*have ‎(294)           Suprisingly, these are the ones I own
*review-done ‎(37)         Books I've reviewed 
arc-giveaway-sent4review ‎(14)  Books and ARCs sent for review
at-some-point ‎(0) ‎         Those that I want to own, and have read
bros-books ‎(0)          The books I want to read from my brothers and sisters shelves
classics-awards_read ‎(87)       Books I have read that are classics or have awards
classics-to ‎(9)            Classics I want to read, which I don't own
continuation ‎(21)        Books I own the previus book(s) from but haven't read, and so don't know if I will get. + ones I have read the previous one(s) from and do know that I want to get (just to see how many series I have going on)
get ‎(17) ‎       Books I want to buy and read
graphic-novels ‎(64)   Graphic novels that I've read
library ‎(13)       Books I want to read, but don't know if I want to buy it, so I'll read it from the library first (doesn't work too often since I can't get most books I want to read from the library here)
tbr ‎(13)               My To Be Read pile  (books I own but haven't read)
tbr-classics ‎(5)       My TBR pile for classics (which aren't included in the "TBR" one above)

The last three are related to my TBR:
x-dgt ‎(1)          The books, in my TBR, which I bought before 2016 (if you've been following me, then these are the ones I didn't get to for last years goal. Explained here link)
y-16 ‎(7)        The books I bought last year (2016), and haven't read (so for this years goal, again check previous link)
z-17 ‎(5)          Books I have bought this year, and haven't read (so if unread at the end of the year, then they go to next years goal)



"New" books

So a bookhaul. My brother was getting rid of a lot of books, and these were the ones I picked up from them. I  trying to get my TBR number down, and the next time I was supposed to get books was during christmas break, so I'm not sure how this will all go down... But hey, books.

The Prince and the Pauper
The Complete Sherlock Holmes volume 1
The Crucible
Murder on the Oriont Express
Roger Ackroydin murha
>Shadow and Bone
>The Books of Ember 1-4


My Blog


If you have been reading my blog: I know that after summer break I haven't picked up writing again, but I do believe that I will get to it. Not weekly like I used to though.

           Also I changed the name! It is now http://booksonal.blogspot.fi/  !! !