>1. Where do you live?
>2. Random Fact
I uh, huh I don't know. I used to sing in a choir.
>3. Favourite memory
I was a volunteer, for a day, at a camp for disabled children and we had some great fun (ex. a good old big paint fight)
>4. Favourite time of day
Evening, I guess? During weekends maybe morning though...
>5. Three countries I want to visit
Brazil, Ethiopia and Japan, and Paris... and Venice. See they aren't countries so that's fine, right?
>6. How do you organize your books?
Alphabetically (by languages and classics seperately) and my TBR books are in order in which I bought them.
>7. Favourtie strength you have
>8. Offer a favorite sentence from any author
I'll go with the quotes I like, which I listed and just made a post of. So you'll find it on my blog.
>9. Suggest a good book for someone only staring to read
Depending. I think I made a post about that.
Anything: Harry Potter
Classic: Pride and Prejudice
Chick flick: Anna and the French Kiss
>10. How did you find the book you are currently reading?
Did you mean as in from where did I hear about it or where did I buy it from?
I am currently reading Assassin's Curse. I bought it from London, on a class trip. I usually discover books on "BookTube" or Goodreads.
>11. How did you start reading?
Almost everyone in my family LoVes reading, so from them I guess.
>12. Variations of: How many books do you own/read/TBR/classics/red books (love the question)...
You can see all those from my goodreads:
but own: 200ish
read: 340ish
TBR: 40ish
classics read: 40ish, depending on what one thinks is a classic
red books: around 11?
>13. Do you use the library at all?
Yes, quite a bit actually.
Happy summer vacation everyone!


Top 5 Wednesday

May 20th
Debut Novels

1. Looking for Alaska
2. Hobbit
3. Anna and the French Kiss
4. HP and the Phiolosphers Stone
5. Divergent


Quotes & Lists

I kinda like quotes. Like a lot. Here's some

>Stars can't shine without darkness
>A negative mind won't give you a positive life
>Don't dream your life live your dreams
>Happiness is a journey not a destination

>Books are a uniquely portable magic
>A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear
>A reader live a thousand lives before he dies

>No two persons ever read the same book
>Creativity is intelligence having fun
>Pray hardest when it's hardest to pray
>Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it

I also really like lists. So here are some ideas for you:

-Fictional places I would love to ovisit
-List your essentials
-Thing that feel like home
-Childhood and current dream jobs
-A to Z list of things you like and don't like
-Thankful list
-Makes me happy/sad
-Best decisions
-Ways to relax
-Things I find beautiful
-Proud of
-Questions for life
-The never list
-Do and Don't to live by
-Worry list
-House rules
-I wish this existed
-To do with someone I love
-Things I love in colors
-I look forward to...


Top 5 Wednesday

May 13th
Summer Covers (books that remind you of summer)
(I took ones that I own)

1. On the Fence
2. Anna/Lola/Isla
3. Amy and Roger's Epic Detour
4. Paper Towns
5. We Were Liars
+6. This Is What Happy Looks Like




You guys know how I'm trying to get my TBR pile down and so I cleaned out my shelves I had SO many books I knew I wasn't gonna read / know I won't read again.
For some reason I have my mind set on having a bookshelf of books I love/really liked and want to read again - and only having around 15 unread books. (Then again I am going for vacation quite soon and I know I will buy more than plenty for my TBR shelf, but we'll see how it goes).
I'm not sure of the ones I marked as: > Do send a message if you think I definitely should keep some.

1. Witch and Wizard
2. Chasing Daisy
3. The Young Samurai 1-2
5. Series of unfortunate events 10-12 ( I only own that last ones and my brother owns them all so)
>8. Karvat ja Kaikki
>9. Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles 1-3
12. Cookie
13. Glubbslyme
14. Strange angels
>15. The Forest of Hands and Teeth
16. Into the Wild
17. Summer of the Wolves
18. Tempest
19. Ryan's Brain
20. 13 Treasures
21. Pikku Naisia
22. Utopia
23. Oliver Twist (Finnish)
24. The Mill on the Floss
>25. Once Upon a River
>26. Reboot
>27. Rebel
28. Iron Traitor
>29. Beautiful Disaster
30. Merenjumalan poika
31. Huumaa
32. Juoruja
33. Artemis Fowl (Finnish)
34. Viesti Merellä
35. Another Nicholas Sparks book... (Finnish)
36. Heaven
37. The Sisters of the Travelling Pants
38. Royally Lost
39. Me Before You
40. Netherwood
41. The nr. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
>42. Enchanted Castle
43. Tarzan (Finnish)
44. Labyrinth
>45. Pinky Pye
>46. Ginger Pye
>47. Eragon
>48. Eldest
>49. Brisingr
50-53. Killer, Wicked and Wanted


Top 5 Wednesday

May 6th
Books You'd Want to See as TV Shows (NOT movies)

1. The Mortal Instruments (I think they can actully do a good job with it)
2. The Precious Stone Trilogy
3. Finishing School
4. Fables, graphic novels
5. Gallagher Girls or Heist Society


Q for an A?

You all know that you can mail me or ask me something on Tumblr, like you guys do, but know that it can be anything from silly to serious :)

I normally answer straight to you but I decided to gather the ones I get and make a post answering since some ask the same questions (: not that that's bad.

I will be doing the post on May 23rd (so in three weeks) and that will be my last post before summer! And during this coming one I won't be doing any posts! But I will be Tumbling so you can reach me there.

So everyone - go on ahead and ask