Genre Statistics

In October 2016 I made a post link about Genres. What I read, reasons and statistics. So now two years later I want to see how much it has changed.

Keep in mind though that at the end of the year I always do a post about statistics of that year (amounts, genres, pages, months etc.).

After the previous post around 80 books have been added to the books I have listed read on my excel (~600 books at this point).  So to see how things have changed I'm also looking into those 80 books and comparing to last times stats.
Still with me?

This shows all the books I've read by genre
All the books:
(a ">" means it has changed more than .5% since the 2016 post)

13.16% (and yes magic is part of fantasy, but here the section above is only non-magic fantasy...)
Realistic Fiction 10.70%
> Graphic Novel 11.40% (from classics to magic) +1 positions
> Classic-y 10.53%
> Romance (only) 6.66%
> Agents 5.44% (um, yep these are weirdly sorted)
> Retelling 5.96+1
Dystopia 3.68%
> Sci-fi 3.68%
> Non-fiction 3.68%
> Crime 3.50%
Short-story 1.58%
Childrens 1.23%
Novella 0.53%
Plays 0.53%
Poems 0.88+2
Survival 0.53%
Horror 0.35%
Historical 0.18%
(tot. 571 books)

Now to the books from October 2016 to midway of August 2018:
8     Retelling 15.66% +7
    Romance 12.05% +4
12    Crime 12.05% +10
    Fantasy 10.84% -3
    Realistic Fiction 10.84% +1
    Magic 8.43% -4
11    Non-fiction 7.23% +4
10    Sci-fi 6.02% +2
    Agents 4.82% -2
    Graphic Novel 3.61% -7
    Classic-y 2.41% -7
17    Poems 2.41% +6
20    Historical 1.20% +8
18    Survival 1.20% +5
19    Horror 1.20% +6
13    Short-story -1
14    Childrens 
15    Novella +1
16    Plays +2
(tot. 83 books)

Most grown: Crime, Historical and Retellings.
Though from previously not having read any and now one historical that can be taken off that list.
Most dropped: Graphic Novels, Classic-y and Magic.
I stopped doing my classic-a-month challenge so there's that explained...

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The Bookshelf II

Book Tag

I did this tag over two years ago found here and have Definitely changed it, so decided to do it again!
          Some "rules":
              The book (s) you answer with must be from your bookshelf.
              And include a picture of your bookshelf if you'd like to and if possible

The bookshelf. You might notice that I've gotten rid of lots of books.
By color with black & white ones in the cubes

Your bookshelf
1) Describe your bookshelf & where you got it from?
>Ikea cubes, the 5x5, and another one attached to the side from...somewhere
From top: TBR/CR,
ongoing series, classics x2

2) How do you organize it?
>I made a post two years back with how I used to do it, link.
But now? There's basically 4 sections: starting from the right-hand-side bottom - classics (by series and height), series I haven't finished (by height, mostly), my TBR (by date bought) and then on top of the main shelf: everything else, by color (a) I can easily find them rather remembering the color than the author and b) it's aesthetically really pleasing and doesn't look cluttered)

3) Thickest book? (pages)
>Winter with 824 pages.
4) Thinnest book? (pages)
>The Twits, 96 pages

5) Birthday gift
>Well I got Renegades last Christmas from my sister, does that count?

6) Smallest book? (Hight & Width)
>I've got some mass market paperbacks (though I try to never get them),
but my copy of Peter Pan suprised me when it came (it is the height of a mmp but wider, and adorable) :) link
16101115and my copy of Lord of the Flies suprised me as well (the width of a mmp but taller) link

7) Biggest book? (Hight & Width)
>My Barnes&Noble leather bound edition of Hans Christian Andersen!
>For paperbacks it's Thorn or Wonder Woman, which are taller than most of my hardbacks!
8) From a friend?
>Latest one was probably Sapphire Blue

9) Most expensive book?
>I'd say around 20 euros maybe?

10) Last book you read?
>The Idiot Brain & currently I'm reading Sea Witch

11) First one you read?
>Actually read by myself probably one of the Ella books by Timo Parvela, a Finnish author

12) More than one copy
>I have the same book in both Finnish and English for Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and Pride and Prejudice. But same language and same book? None

13) Complete series
>Well lots, but the one with the biggest amount of books in the series would be Harry Potter, with 7

2845859814) Newest addition
>When Dimple Met Rishi

15) Has been on your shelf FOREVER
>Elli norsutytt√∂, a childrens book that my Grandmother used to read to me

16) Most recently published
>Sea Witch, received as an e-arc

17) Oldest book (as in the copy)
>Murder on the Orient Express, 1991 so not old at all

18) Book you won
>I think the only book I've won was Half Lost (through GoodReads), which I gave to my brother

19) Hate to let out of your sight (aka wouldn't let someone borrow)
>I actually don't mind lending my books, I like them to look worn and well read...
But maybe the one I talked about in question 15

20) Most beat up
>And the same answer goes here

21) Most pristine book
>Season of You & Me, the only physical book on my shelf that I haven't read. (There are also books I originally read from the library then later bought copies, and so haven't read that copy of)
22) Book from your childhood
>Babe by Dick King-Smith, when I was young I actually read it every summer for around 7 years in a row

23) Book that's not actually your book
>Cuckoo's Calling is my brothers, but was on my shelf so I'd read it (have yet to though)

24) Special cover (e.g. leather bound, soft, fuzzy, etc.)?
>Hans Christian Andersen, Barnes&Nobel leather bound edition

25) Favourite cover
>I really LOVE my Harry Potter editions! I chose to go with the signature editions when I bought them.
>Also I really LOVE my Hunger Games foil editions
>Oh and the classic lines by Sara Singh for Emma, P&P and Jane Eyre

26) Has been on your shelf the longest and you STILL haven't read?
>Well actually since I'm doing the TBR thing I've talked about (you can read an old post here) I only have 1(!!!). Also a link to my 2018 updated TBR post is here
So the answer is Season of You & Me, which I got last summer

27) Any signed books?
>Torch Against the Night

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Popular Books I Haven't Read

There are loads of popular books I haven't read, ones I want to read - and ones I'm not planning on getting to.
When compiling this list I searched Goodreads for popular YA book lists. I combed through them and made this list of the top ones I haven't read.
Note: I'm counting these as series, and if I've read the first one or two it won't be on this list (I'll be making a post about those in the future)
yabest yaya fictionya 2017

Strange the Dreamer
The Hate You Give
Perks of Being a Wallflower
Thirteen Reasons Why
Vampire Academy
Ink Heart
Golden Compass
The Lord of the Rings (I've read the Hobbit)
Dark Artifices

Brandon Sanderson
Victoria Schwab
Adam Silvera
Becky Albertalli

*For stars and more info check my Goodreads: link*

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Though I love physical books and having full shelves, I only want to own ones I liked and want to reread.
Last unhaullink

*I'm not saying these are bad books, and yes I've actually read most of these already (if not, will be mentioned), but I just don't want to keep them anymore.
The question I asked myself when doing this was: will I want to reread it.*

Court of Thorns and Roses
Dream On 2-3
Paper Towns
Looking for Alaska
Iron King 1-3
My Life With the Walter Boys
The Heartbreakers
Small Steps
Alphas 1-4
Half Bad
Winter Glass
10 Things I Can See From Here (unread)
Roald Dahl memoirs 1-2
Rumpelstiltskin's Problem
There's Someone In Your House
Stealing Snow (unread)
The Fault in Our Stars (multiple copies)
Will Grayson, Will Grayson
Dash and Lily's Book of Dares
All the Bright Places
Love Letters to the Dead
The Tales of Despereaux
Soul Surfer
Somone Else's Fairytale
My True Love Gave to Me
Daughter of Smoke and Bone 1-3
5th Wave
Throne of Glass 1-3
Princess Academy 2-3
They All Fall Down
Red Queen

Study in Charlotte
Hex Hall 1-3
Angelfall 1-3

I see London, I see France
Book of a Thousand Days
Remnant Chronicles 2-3
Pennyroyal Academy 2

I have this policy about not buying classics before I read, and love, them. And so over the course of some years I have accumulated quite a collection, which I'm getting rid of and keeping my absolute favorites.
As for the collection volumes, I seem to have read the ones I wanted from them and them left the rest. So I don't want to keep them all, if I don't even want to read them.
Also pretty much all of these I have on my Kindle as well if I ever want to reread them.

Little Women
Christmas Carol
The Crucible
How to be an Alien
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Jane Eyre/Wuthering Heights
Arabian Nights, tales from the (unread)
Complete Sherlock vol. 1
Jane Austen vol.1 (multiple copies)
Robinson Crusoe vol
Mark Twain, classic works of (novels read)
Oscar Wilde, complete works of (unread)
Charles Dickens, classic works of (unread)
William Shakespeare, complete works of (unread)

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Fictional Characters Should Read These Books

I think these different fictional characters should read these books and genres:

Harry Potter:
Adventure & action
Weirdly I'd actually recommend the Harry Potter books. Especially to the Harry before he gets to know he's a wizard. The books can teleport you to a whole different world that will inspire.

Attention gripping that'll take his mind away from his family.
I'd say a low fantasy with a crime/mystery aspect.
Maybe Percy Jackson?

Something nerdy that she can learn more from.
So definitely non-fiction, and maybe science related since how muggles think is interesting.
Soonish could be a good one for futuristic inventions, or not.

Contemporary romance with a strong female lead.
Or actually The Lunar Chronicles could be great!

Something quirky maybe even a sci-fi.
Furthermore could be the one to go with.

Mystery, thriller - immersive, fast paced and something the reader can try to solve.
I could see Locke & Key working out.

Read on lovelies,