Book Haul

I might have gone crazy while being on a trip... But you know what it's okay. I will enjoy them, and they will last for hours. So on to the list. I bought around 30 so I'll just list my top ten I'm especially exited for.

Half Bad
>I have heard SO many positive things about this! It seems liek everyone has read it, so soon so have I.
The Raven Boys
>I have read Lament by the same author and I've heard this one is better.
>I have not read anything by Rainbow Rowell so I thought I'd start with this.
Cinder, Scarlet and Cress
>I'm a bit late on the band-wagon for this one.
The Assassin's Blade
>Even though I've read the first four out of five I still wanted this copy of the novellas.
This is What Happy Looks Like
>I AbSoLuTeLy LoVeD The Statistical Propability of Love at First Sight so I had to get my hands on this one. After I bought it I read what it's about and I fell in love, so I'll have to read this soon.
Amy and Roger's Epic Detour
>I have been wanting to read more contemporary books and this one sounded good.
The Princess Bride
>I have been eyeing this book for so long I finally desided to get it.
Days of Blood and Starlight
>I read Daughter of Blood & Starlight and even though it was really hard to understand at times due to it's weirdness and the jumping in time.
The Naturals
>This looks so cool! It has everything from a classified program in FBI to the children in it.


Top 5 Wednesday

Recommendations to new readers

1. This one is quite obvious but new readers might not have read it so:
Harry Potter *everyone cheers*

2. Divergent
This is one of the best series I have ever read! It only has three books, not long ones, so people won't need to drag themselves through loads of books to know what happens. It had such a good plot and the development during th ebooks was amazingly written. Everything was thought of.

3. Hunger Games
This one is popular and for good reasons. I think new readers would want to keep reading and finnish it for it keeps you interested.

4. Graceling
This one is one of my personal favourites which has some romance and loads of action in a fantasy world. Who would not love it?
Well I know some but thats not my point...

5. The Fault in Our Stars / The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
I know everyone doesn't like a good kick- series so these are my top two contemporary books. The other one, The Stat... , being short and funny and the other, TFiOS, an investment of your heart and tears (some for joy don't worry).


Odd Thomas : review

Movie Thoughts and spoilers!

If you feel like watching this movie do not read this since it contains spoilers!
So the movie is a comedy/horror/romance with the main character being Odd Thomas. Yep, Odd is his name. Anyway so this Odd has special powers by seeing things others can't. These things he sees are dead people and creatures that come to a place where they sence death to come. The more of these the larger amount of dead people. So on one day loads of them appear, so there is trouble to come. He has a dream hinting how to solve everything and so he tries to save the day.
Ending SpOiLeRs!!:
So the thing I was going to write about. Odd's girlfriend Stormy was a great and strong character whom I really liked. At one point of the movie, where danger was near, Odd made sure to get Stormy out of troubles way. While she was riding away she told herself to not look back. She said this to make Odd feel stronger while going towards the trouble. At the end of the movie Stormy got shot. Now since Odd could see dead people he didn't realise she died. He was home with her eating ice cream (stormy worked at an icecream shop...). Friends of Odds came to say the funeral is starting and then he realized. Stormy was in the room, dead but looking normal, even though the others couldn't see her they was from Odds face she was there. Odd needed to let go and let Stormy pass into the world of the dead.
The thing is she seemed so strong and confident assuring Odd that everything is fine, eventhough it wasn't. When he was ready to let go and she started walking away, she turned her head to look back for one last time. She kept strong with her sure movements but she looked back. It showed us how much she loved him. I found this very touching. She looked back for goodness sake! She kept strong while showing not only caring while also accepting the fact that that look would be the last thing she would see of him. And also the last impression of her for him. All those good times to end but carry on in the heart.
Strong main character women in books and movies are portraied to have strength and to show that women are not dependent on men. The latter was true and not in this movie, but the ending showed that that it can be a good thing having a partner to go through everything.


Top 5 Wednesday

Lainey (a lovely youtuber)

So you might be saying "What does that mean", and so I will tell you. Lainey created this "Tag"ish thing, where every Wednesday you would pick your top 5 of a certain thing she comes up with. You can go check from youtube who  are the other lovely people participating in this.
So this weeks T5W is top sequels. Now this is a hard one for me since... well seqels aren't always that good. But this got me thinking of some good ones.
In no particular order!:

1. Clockwork Prince- Cassandra Clare
>Even though I didn't exactly LoVe The Mortal Instruments but I did read The Infernal Devices...And I LoVeD iT! I absolutely loved this series and thought the action to be quite extravagant.
2. Sapphire Blue- Kerstin Gier
>I loved the first one, Ruby Red, and continued straight to Sapphire Blue.
3. A Million Suns- Beth Revis
>I absolutely loved this book! I didn't have any suspects and I was suprised by so many things. It did not follow any normal story line or characters which was great.
4. Fire- Kristin Cashore
>This one is not exactly a sequel but a companion novel. Many people have disliked this as a second book since it does not follow the greatness of the first one. The story is great but the writing is very different and it doesn't follow the same characters (let alone the same world).
5. The Elite- Kiera Cass
>I didn't exactly like the first one that much but I did want to continue on with the series and it kept on getting better by the page.
Hope you are having a great day!


Authors I Haven't Read Anything By

Top 10

Some of these might come as shocks to you guys... And for some I am in shame and am planning to read something by them, but for most I have reasons why I have not come to read them.
Oh, and no particular order in this list!
1. Alexandra Bracken- The Darkest Minds
>I have this and Never Fade, but have not read them yet...

2. Markus Zusak- The Book Thief
>I'll come to it... My brother has it so no excuse either

3. Dan Brown- the Da Vinci Code
>I really want to read this! But I don't have it and my TBR (To Be Read) is so big I won't justify myself for buying it.

4. Christopher Paolini- Eragon
>I have them... But I just, I don't know.... I will eventually...

5. Stephen King- Carrie / Under the Dome
>I am not into horror books or movies so I haven't read any...I was thinking of reading something by Stephen King, so I'll get to it. Some day.

6. Lauren Oliver- Delirium
>This I am not even planning on reading. It's not that I haven't heard good things about it, which I have, I just have heard so many bad things about the lst book. I am sure the first ones were good but I don't want to get into a series and get disapointed. There are too many good books to read anyway.

7. George R. R. Martin- A Game of Thrones
>This one I don't think I'll read either. It is a super long series and it kinda daunts me. Also in every single book my favourite character dies! Not even kidding! Cause I usually have my favourite character as side character... Anyway so I know almost everyone dies in this series so I'd get annoyed.

8. Rainbow Rowell- Eleanor and Park / Fangirl
>I have Fangirl so I shouldn't have any reason to not read it. I haven't since I guess all the hype is making me not want to read it. I have heard so many things constantly about it and so I haven't been in the mood for reading it. But soon I will since the hype is dying and all...

9. Richelle Mead- Vampire Academy
>I will read it before the movie comes. But why I haven't read it so far? That would be because. I don't exactly know... Huh... I guess I'm not into vampires, leading me to the next one:

10. Stephenie Meyer- Twilight
>Now I know you are all suprised! BUT, here me ouT! I have not read them and will not since the movies ruined the books for me. I have seen the first two or three and really hated them! I hated (sorry for the lovers) Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, as an actors and actress. I kept laughing at them and sure the story line was nice but when I started reading Twilight I kept thinking them as the asctors playing them and I didn't enjoy not getting to imagine it for my own.