Read This Month

November & December

1. Embatteled Hearts
2. Promise to Marry
3. Meant for Her
4. Whiskey Kisses
5. The Cowboy Inherits a Bride
7. Altered Engagement
7. The Leaning Tower (CftM)
8. Zel (TBR)


Top 5 Wednesday

November 11th
Books You Did Not Finish

I just wrote a post:
Series I won't continue
But the ones I would have thought that I would've liked, would be these:

1. Eon (which is the only book I didn't finish, the rest are series of which I just read the first book from)
2. The Maze Runner
3. Fallen
4. Delirium
5. Eragon


Top 5 Wednesday

November 4th
Favorite Series Novellas

1. Assassin's Blade
2. Gallagher Girls
3. Four
4. Iron Legends
5. The Missing Golden Ticket and other Splendiferous Secrets


Read This Month


1. The Bad Beginning
2. The Help
3. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (TBR)
4. Dracula (CftM)
5. The Wedding Trap
6. A Court of Thorns and Roses


Auhtors, why...

I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding...

What's up with that sentence. Authors seem to think it's magical and write it in every. single. book. There are variations of course, and of which the most obscure one was "He let out a breath I didn't realize he was holding". Now that doen't sound that weird, but the thing is the author used the same line, not twice nor thrice, but four times during a small time span.
So I started thinking that there are things like these which we don't even notice anymore. They come and go as a norm and I don't think this should be one.

Another example is from movies and tv shows. How and why is one always in the middle of the elevator when the doors close, so we see your nose for the longest?

Love at first sight. I just don't get it.
Then again if two people hate each other why should they end up together? There is a thing called friends and I like reading about them more than love triangles...

I'm sure there are people with different opinions, but these are just some of mine.


Top 5 Wednesday

October 28
Top Halloween Recs!

I will be reading these, (and I haven't read all of them earlier)
1. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with the Merry Men and Other Tales and Fables
2. Dracula
3. Poes poems
4. Murder on the Oriont Express
5. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd


Bookish Gift Ideas

I came to realize that the year is starting to come to an end and that means christmas is coming. The weather is cooling down, which I love, and the pressure is going to start building on what to get everyone this year.
We all have someone we just have no idea what to get and though I doubt these will work for everyone, it's the thought that counts right?

These ideas are not all bookish, but a book is not always the right things to get (maybe they don't like reading or maybe they have hundreds of books and you're not sure which they would like and/or what they already own)...

1. Coloring book. Yup, they're here again. I remember loving mandalas as a kid, and coloring the 'mindfulness' books now just bring me joy.

2. A picture book of their favorite classic. I fell in love with the illustrated Harry Potter, even though I couldn't justify bying it for only that, but I think it is a perfect gift. Now Bookworms probably already have it, (and if they don't I'm sure you are very aware of that, since they keep reminding you what a hole they have in their heart whithout it), but there are other books out there with illustrated editions. I, for example, really like the Alice in Wonderland ones I've been seing on Tumblr.

3. A notebook and pen. Or sketchbook depending on the person. And you could maybe write a letter to them on the first page.
When I get asked what I want as a gift, at times I have no idea what that would be, so a notebook is usually something I might say since I really do love them. Then again I do have alot of them laying around unused- at the moment that is.

4. A mug. With a refrence to something that is, like the 'don't let the muggles get you down' is quite clever. Or maybe one with a picture from some movie? I just think that mugs and the weather go hand in hand. The colder the weather the warmer the drink- and the more frequently we crave it.

5. A poster. Goes with the text before really...

6. If you do end up getting them a book you could make the bookmark yourself, and quotes can get you far with that task.

7. 'Coffee table book'. With the subject in something that interests them like art or TV.

8. Bookends, there are some really clever ones out there.


Top 5 Wednesday

October 21 
Top Authors You Discovered This Year

More than one book from whom I have read this year and haven't before
1. Joe Hill
2. Cassandra Clarke
3. Brian K. Vaughan
4. Randall Munroe
5. Maria V. Snyder


Series I Won't Continue

This is not updated anymore, last updated: July 9th 2019
For updated information check my Goodreads page: link

So this is a list of series I won't continue and how many books I have read from that series.
(Remember that I am in no way saying that these were bad books, some I have given very high ratings, but maybe I don't like the genre anymore or I though the first book worked perfectly as a standalone, and some I might come back to and continue, but at the moment I don't think that is likely.)

1 Sarah Plain and Tall MacLachan 1
2 Keväällä isä sai siivet Kontio 1
3 Clarice Bean Child 2
4 Ruby Redfort Child 1
5 Out of Sight, Out of Mind Kaye 3
6 Arabels Raven Aiken 1
7 Goddess Test Carter 1
8 Summer of the Wolves Kline 1
9 Pretty Little Liars Shepard 4
10 Warriors Hunter 1
11 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Jeffrey 6
12 Dork Diaries Russell 3
13 Boy nobody Zadoff 2
14 Matched Condie 2
15 A Wrinkle in Time L'Engle 1
16 Kirottu Koodi Remes 1
17 The Host Meyer 1
18 All Our Yesterdays Terrill 1
19 Oz Baum 3
20 Strange Angels Crow 1
21 Little Women Alcott 1
22 The Maze Runner Dashner 1
23 The Giver Lowry 1
24 Alex Rider: graphic Horowitz 4
25 Vampire Academy: Graphic Novel Mead 1
26 Falconer May 1
27 Red Pyramid Riordan 1
28 Two Lies and a Spy Carlton 1
29 Sherlock Holmes: grahpic Doyle 3
30 Sherlock Holmes Doyle 7
31 Miss Peregrines Riggs 1
32 Tempest Cross 1
33 Dash and Lily's Book of Dares Cohn 1
34 Uninvited Jordan 1
35 Forest of Hands and Teeth Ryan 1
36 Defiance Redwine 1
37 Saga Vaughan 5
38 The Thief Turner 1
39 Fallen Kate 1
40 Veren Vimma Lehtolainen 1
41 Alianated Landers 2
42 Eragon Paolini 1
43 Rat Queens Wiebe 1
44 Lament Stiefvater 1
45 False Memory Krokos 1
46 Every Day Levithan 1
47 Punainen kuin veri Simukka 1
48 Delirium Oliver 1
49 Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe Saenz 1
50 The Colour of Magic Pratchett 1
51 Secret Circle Smith 1
52 The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making Valente 1
53 Series of Unfortunate Events Snicket 1
54 Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn Twain 2
55 City of Ember DuPrau 1
56 Isle of the Lost
57 Howl's Moving Castle Jones 1
58 The Summer I Turned Pretty Han 1
59 Geek Girl Smale 1
60 Just Ella Haddix 1
61 Alien Busters, part 1 Shaqsy 1
62 Also Known As Benway 1
63. Rebel Belle            Hawkins     2
64. Illuminae               Kristoff       1
65. Red Queen            Aveyard       2
66. Six of Crowns       Bardugo      1
67. Rise of the Empress    Dao             1
68. A Study in Charlotte   Cavallaro   1
69. Raven Cycle          Stiefvater     3
70. And I Darken        White           1
71. Three Dark Crowns    Blake      1
72. Pennyroyal Academy Larson    2
73. Batgirl (2011)          Stewart     1
74. Ms. Marvel              Wilson      3
75. To All the Boys I've Loved Before  Han  1



(This won't be updated)

I find that the best way to get out of a reading slump is by rereading old favourites, so here is a list of those that I've reread and the amount of times I have done so.
I also have a long list for ones I really want to read again...

Babe (7)
Harry Potter (3, some individuals more than that)
Goose Girl (3)
Statistical Prob. (3)
Ella ja Kaverit 1-7 (3)
Gallagher Girls 1-6 (3)

And all the rest I have read twice:
Alice in Zombieland 1-2
Alice in Wonderland
The Little Prince
Miss Per.
How to be an alien
Heist Society 1-3
Anna and the french kiss
Ruby red
Ella Enchanted
Dear John
Half Magic
Multiple Roald Dahl books (Witches, BFG, Twits, Charlie and the Chocolate...)
Serenity: graphic novels
The Naturals
The Worst Wich


Top 5 Wednesday

October 7th
Top Graphic Novels

1. Fables
2. Locke & Key
3. Saga
4. Kingsman
5. Sotrmbreaker or Heroes

I haven't been able to read Ms. Marvel yet, but I have heard amazing things about it.


TV-Shows I Loved as a Child

Like the one I did with my Top 11 Books I Loved as a Child, but now with TV shows
1. Totally Spies
2. American Dragon
3. Sponge Bob
4. The Replacements
5. Brandy and Mr. Whiskers
6. Powerpuff Girls
7. Kim Possible
8. Recess
9. Lilo and Stitch
10. Fairy Odd Parents

With actual people:
11. Power Rangers: Mystic Force
12. Art Attack
13. Hannah Montana
14. That's So Raven
15. Wizards of the Waverly Place
16. Suite Life of Zack and Cody
17. Friends


Read This Month


1. Locke and Key vol. 6, graphic novel
2. Fables vol. 6, graphic novel
3. Yes Please
4. Heroes vol.1, graphic novel
5. Fables 7, graphic novel
6. Speak (Prize winner so: CftM)
7. Love Letters to the Dead (TBR)
8. Heroes vol. 2, graphic novel
9. The Initiation



"I read with a steady diet of fairytales". I love them, I really do, and retellings are one of my favourite things. But the thing is even though I love them, they defenetly have their faults.
           Now I'm talking about the "Prince Charming" and the "Black & Whiteness of the evil step mother". The brothers Grimm of course have great versions, well I suppose they aren't versions if they're the first ones... Well I won't be talking about those ones so here are a couple things.

These are from a movie I just saw, Hallmarks RomCom: Love by the Book.

>You and your perfect guy make the fairytale right for you. He doesn't appear already in shining armour.

>The thing with fairytales is sometimes you need to get out of your tower to find your prince. You can't expect to them find you in a tower.

>And remember that there is no prince charming. It's not a one-fits-all thing, and you just need to find yours.

>Another thing is, sometimes the villain is in sheeps clothing and you can never look at is as a black and white picture. Not all things go to only the other.

>When cinderella went to the ball, she had no idea her life was going to change. She just needed a night out.


New Releases 2015

New releases of later this year, which I definetly want to get

The Isle of the Lost
The Wrath and the Dawn
The Heart of Betrayal
Hollywood Witch Hunter
The Heartbreakers
A Mad Zombie Party
Manners & Mutiny
All In
The Revolution of Ivy
See How They Run


My Goodreads Shelves

Link to my GoodReads

I know people are confused by what my shelf names in goodreads mean so here:
(I like to keep the names of them short so it's easy to see what is what for me)

Amongst the "read" "currently-reading" and "to-read" I made a shelf for those that I "didn't_finish_yet-never": this is for both ones I never finished and don't plan on finishing and those that I do still plan on reading.

*have ‎(294)           Suprisingly, these are the ones I own
*review-done ‎(37)         Books I've reviewed 
arc-giveaway-sent4review ‎(14)  Books and ARCs sent for review
at-some-point ‎(0) ‎         Those that I want to own, and have read
bros-books ‎(0)          The books I want to read from my brothers and sisters shelves
classics-awards_read ‎(87)       Books I have read that are classics or have awards
classics-to ‎(9)            Classics I want to read, which I don't own
continuation ‎(21)        Books I own the previus book(s) from but haven't read, and so don't know if I will get. + ones I have read the previous one(s) from and do know that I want to get (just to see how many series I have going on)
get ‎(17) ‎       Books I want to buy and read
graphic-novels ‎(64)   Graphic novels that I've read
library ‎(13)       Books I want to read, but don't know if I want to buy it, so I'll read it from the library first (doesn't work too often since I can't get most books I want to read from the library here)
tbr ‎(13)               My To Be Read pile  (books I own but haven't read)
tbr-classics ‎(5)       My TBR pile for classics (which aren't included in the "TBR" one above)

The last three are related to my TBR:
x-dgt ‎(1)          The books, in my TBR, which I bought before 2016 (if you've been following me, then these are the ones I didn't get to for last years goal. Explained here link)
y-16 ‎(7)        The books I bought last year (2016), and haven't read (so for this years goal, again check previous link)
z-17 ‎(5)          Books I have bought this year, and haven't read (so if unread at the end of the year, then they go to next years goal)



"New" books

So a bookhaul. My brother was getting rid of a lot of books, and these were the ones I picked up from them. I  trying to get my TBR number down, and the next time I was supposed to get books was during christmas break, so I'm not sure how this will all go down... But hey, books.

The Prince and the Pauper
The Complete Sherlock Holmes volume 1
The Crucible
Murder on the Oriont Express
Roger Ackroydin murha
>Shadow and Bone
>The Books of Ember 1-4


My Blog


If you have been reading my blog: I know that after summer break I haven't picked up writing again, but I do believe that I will get to it. Not weekly like I used to though.

           Also I changed the name! It is now http://booksonal.blogspot.fi/  !! !


Read This Summer

I didn't read classics, nor any from my TBR jar, this summer because I had to read 20 books for school... September was the first month for those^

1. Locke and Key, volume 3
2. Curtsies & Conspiracies (TBR)
3. Golgatan Kuningatar
4. Poison Study
5. Punainen pukee teitä
6. Pikku prinssi, reread
7. Neiti Peregrine…, reread
8. The Well-wishers
9. False Memory
10. Enna Burning
11. Kingsman
12. Assassins Curse

1. Dream a Little Dream
2. Dangerous (TBR)
3. The Nine Lives of Chloe King 1-3
6. Fairest
7. Every Day
8. The Forgotten Sisters
9. Pirate's Wish
10. The Fill-in Boyfriend
11. Waistocats and Weaponry
12. Half Wild
13. Neverwhere, graphic novel (In Finnish)
14. Delirium (In Finnish)
15. Iloisen lehmän runot
16. Punainen kuin veri

1. Saga volume 4, graphic novel
2. Sleeper and the Spindle
3. Ready Player One: romaani
4. End of Days
5. Nälkävuosi
6. Harmaata Valoa
7. Ystävyyden talo
8. Lasikellon Alla

1. Eikä yksikään pelastunut
2. Magian Väri
3. Red Queen
4. Locke and Key 5, graphic novel


2015 Reading Challenge

I know I haven't been posting anything, of which I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I'm up for it for a while either. But I decided to do this and see how it goes again.
            So in the beginning of the year I found this post on Tumblr and decided to try it out. Here is my progress:
(I'll be probably updating this, so don't wonder. And my ideas for those I haven't read are also written.)

1. Book with more than 500 pages CRESS
2. Classic romance GOOSE-GIRL
3. Book that became a movie CHRISTMAS CAROL
4. Book published this year I WAS HERE
5. Book with a number in the title THE ONE
6. Book written by a person under 30 ERAGON
7. Book with non-human characters FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH
8. Funny book ANOMALY
9. Female author DEFIANCE
10. Mystery/thriller VEREN VIMMA
11. One-word title REBEL
13. Set in a different country NIGHT CIRCUS
14. Nonfiction book WHAT IF?
15. Popular authors first book LAMENT
16. From an author you love (but haven't read yet) ALL FALL DOWN
17. Book a friend recommended ALIENATED
18. Pulitzer Prize winner KATHERINE PORTER
19. Book based on a true story WE SHOULD HANG OUT SOMETIMES
20. Book at the bottom of your TBR list PALACE OF STONE
21. Book your mom loves THE HELP
22. Book that scares you CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE
23. More than a hunderd years old ROBINSON CRUSOE
24. Choose based on the cover THE LUCY VARIATIONS
25. You were supposed to read in school but didn't VESIPUUTARHAT
26. A memoir BELL JAR
27. Book you finished in a day DREAM A LITTLE DREAM
28. Antonyms in the title CURTSIES & CONSPIRACIES
29. Set somewhere you've wanted to visit AARRE (France)
30. Came out the year you were born SPEAK
31. Bad reviews SHIVER
33. From your childhood PETER PAN
34. Love triangle KILLER INSTINCT
35. Set in the future BOOK OF IVY
36. Set in high school FALLEN
37. Colour in the title SCARLET
39. With magic THE WELL-WISHERS
40. Graphic novel SAGA
41. Author you haven't read THE RAFT
42. Book you own but hadn't read THE DREAM THIEVES
43. Takes place in your hometown VEREN VIMMA
44. Written in a different language GOLGATAN KUNINGATAR
45. Set during christmas POLAR EXPRESS
46. Author with your initials DEFECTOR (Susanne Winnacker, I felt it was close enough to S.V.)
47. A play MACBETH
48. Banned book DRACULA
49. Based on/turnes to a TV show CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE
50. Book you've started but never finished before ASSANSINS CURSE


Top 5 Wednesday

April 29
Favorite Series Endings

Apparently I never posted this and was still here... So tadaa *jazz hands*

1. The love-hate relationship I talked about: Allegiant
2. And the love-hate relationship with Champion
3. United We Spy
4. Alphas 4: Top of the Feud Chain
5. Emerald Green