Read This Month


1. The Night Circus
2. The Forest of Hands and Teeth (TBR)
3. A Christmas Carol
4. Defiance
5. The One, reread
6. Rebel
7. Macbeth (CftM)
8. Macbeth graphic novel
9. Defector
10. Killer Instinct
11. Angelfall

Series I Want to Finish This Year

Top 10
I really need to ge to reading some series I have on my shelves! So I decided to make a list of those I would most like to get to as soon as this year... I don't know, there's so many.

On Jan. 14 The T5W I did do the Top 5 series I want to StArT (link below) but these are ones I want to finally finish (in some cases finish completely and some finish those that are out) (http://bookloveandreviews.blogspot.fi/2015/01/jan-14-top-5-wednesday-you-want-to.html)

1. The Knife of Never Letting Go (was in the earlier one but now I've started it)
2. The Lunar Chronicles (I've read Cinder)
3. The Darkest Minds (I have the last one yet to read)
4. The White Rabbit Chronicles (Last one left)
5. I want to finish The Heir of Fire
6. Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Two still left)
7. The Maze Runner (Only read the first one)
8. The Books of Bayern (Only read one)
9. Geek Girl
10. Etiquette and Espionage


Top 5 Wednesday

Jan 28
>TBR Benchwarmers (Books that have been on your TBR the longest)

I had no idea what to do for todays T5W(favorite anti-heroes) so I decided to do one from before I started. This year I am trying to get my TBR way down because I have way too much on it!

1. Lament
2. The Assassins Curse
3. Ryans Brain
4. 13 Treasures
5. Eragon


The Britney Spears Book Tag

Book Tag

I saw it at theheavyblanks on YouTube and decided to try it out. Not for my love for the singer (whom I have pretty much heard one song from and so I can't really say do I like them) but for the interesting questions.

1. Mickey Mouse Club – a book you read as a child that sparked your love for reading
>Harry Potter started my Bibliophileness but when I was small it was some book about a monster babysitter or something and then Babe
2. Oops, I read it again - a book you love to reread
>Harry Potter!
3. Jamie Lynn – a book that looks really, really similar to another book.
>Ally Carters two series (gallagher girls and Heist society) bug me because they have the same spines.
4. Crossroads – a severely underrated book
>Goose Girl
5. Justin Timberlake – a book you just can’t get over
>In a good way though, the end fitted it Very well (even though it was all mm and all...): Allegiant
6. Madonna – an older character you secretly want to make out with
>Sorry can't think of anyone
7. The Onyx Hotel – a book you quit halfway through
>Eon... I liked it but I get it was the wrong timing? I'll probably finish it sometime?
8. Federline – the book you most regret bringing into your life
>I regretted not reading Cinder sooner but also reading Emerald Green so fast when it was the last one
9. Barefoot in the Bathroom – a dirty book
>Um I don't exactly read any.
10. The Cheeto – a book with an orange cover
>This Is What Happy Looks Like
11. 2007 – a book that was tough to get through
>Emma at first but then I really got into it
12. “Gimme More” – a book that should have had a sequel/series
>On the fence would be lovely and statistical probability of love at first sight. Even like a snippet :)
13. Starbucks – a book that kept you up all night
>Never Fade
14. “3” – a book featuring a love triangle
>Too many from the YA section!
15. “Cool” – a book you thought was really cool
>The Night Circus was suprisingly awesome...
16. “Work Bitch” – an inspirational book
>Soul Surfer


Top 5 Wednesday

Jan 21
>Authors You Would Like to Meet

1. J. K. Rowling
2. Jane Austen (Is this cheating)
3. Ally Carter
4. Stephanie Perkins
5. John Green


Bookish/Reading Pet Peeves

Book Tag

1.   I think I can sense foreshadowing, then think it through too much and get annoyed
      or then writers can't give subtle hints ending up giving out too much and then again I'm annoyed...
2.   Books that end too nicely or when the twist is badly written at the end
3.  Authors that give the weirdest names, as in all of them abnormal, or normal but weirdly written...
4.    Over-the-shoulder readers!
>I am so frustrated by this I sometimes woud like you to talk to me and bug me so than bug me by reading over my shoulder. I guess it's just because in a sense in their opinion I could continue reading, if I stop then again its on me not them. Maybe?
5.    The loud person in a quiet library/bookstore
>There is always that one guy on his phone or those two kids laughing at something
6.   New covers - in the middle of the series
7.   Instant LoVe, I mean come on
>I understand if you see someone good looking and then want to talk to them, but fastforward two minutes from eye contact I don't think you should be in LoVe... I don't think thats just me

A common one is cracked spines- I don't get bothered by that anymore. I guess it doesn't look as nice but it gives the book more characteristics...

So as a conclusion I am the source of my own irritation, some of the time. haha :)


Top 5 Wednesday

Jan 14
>Series You Want to Start This Year

1. The Knife of Never Letting Go
2. Poison Study
3. Sisters Red
4. False Memory
5. Angelfall



All about you?

So questions that you have sent are the following. I added some that are more common too. I will be doing more of these so continue sending them. (:

1What country do you live in?
I live in a beautiful country named Finland (In Europe). It's cold here but I like it.
I play the piano. Christmas -13 I got to 10 years of playing.
3. What would your perfect first date be?
Um, thats a hard one. I would like it to be very casual but memorable... Maybe not going to the movies since I'd like to talk. And yeah :) maybe getting some coffee
4. How many countries have you been to?
I think it was 19? +Scotland if that would count...
5. What's the worst grade you've gotten on a test?
(Here we have the numbers from 4-10 if you didn't know. with 4, 4+, 4 1/2, 5- and then again with a 5...)
For a test a 7- but the worst grade over all was a sewdish quiz with a 4+
6. Favorite TV show when you were a kid?

When I was living in China when I was small we loved Totally Spies with my sister, but after that it was Power Rangers :) YeP I know right!
7.  Would you rather have an american or brittish accent?
I have neither really... But I guess American actually
8.  Nicknames?
Sally is the only one in english... And AngelFox
9.  Can you whistle?
Um if you count blowing out air and the noise that makes.... But nope, only at times :)
10.  Tea (fav. flavour) or coffee?
Green tea but mostly coffee for me


Top 5 Wednesday

Jan 7 
>Anticipated 2015 Releases

1. Miss Mayhem
2. Winter
3. I Was Here
4. The Fill-In Boyfriend
5. Heart of Betrayal


100 Books Goal

Came to Life?

As you might well know I made a goal for the year in the beginning of January. That is to indeed read 100 books this year. I had no idea how that would work since this was my first year counting them so I had no idea was that achievable for me! I would like to encourage you to do one for next year. It can be 20 books or 50 but it will keep you going, even if you don\t achieve it.

So how did it go for me? Well, I think. The test weeks really got me there so at the last months I needed to catch up. I'm not sure if graphic novels count for the count but I will not even though they have the word novel in it... :)

Every month I should need to read 8,33 books
So a list of numbers of how I did:
- - -
Jan. 11
Feb. 8
Mar. 6
Apr. 10
May 6 1/3
Jun. 5 1/4
      -halfway point with 47-
Jul. 15 1/2
Aug. 7 1/2 x2
Sep. 6 1/2
Oct. 10 1/2 + 6 graphic novels
      -87.5 at this point (+ 6 graphic novels)-
Nov. 5, 1/2 x2, 1/3 + 1 graphic novel
      -93 1/2 at how to be an alien- (+7 graphic novels, +1/3)
Dec. 16 1/2 + 4 graphic novels
- - -
Total books: 110
of which 1 I got 2/3 in and stopped.
Graphic novels: 11
Classics: 14
And one book every month from my TBR jar!

For the year 2015 I will be having the same goal of 100 books, since next year of school will be tougher so I won't be raising the number. What about you guys?


Read This Month


1. Miss Peregrins home got peculiar children
2. Miss Peregrins…, graphic novel
3. Sherlock and the scarlet (CftM)
4. Sherlock and te scarlet, graphic novel
5. Sherlock and the hound of baskervilles, graphic novel
6. Sherlock and the valley of fear, graphic novel
7. They all Fall Down
8. Isla and the Happily Ever After 1/2
9. Reboot
10. Raven Boys
11. The Little Prince
12. Uninvited
13. The Infinite Sea
14. The Mission
15. Dash and Lilys book of Dares
16. Tempest
17. Prodigy
18. On the Fence
19. Champion
20. The Geography of You and Me
21. Cinder (TBR)