TBR : 2017

This was a work in progress, last update: December 31st -17

As the one for last year (link), these are books I own but haven't read yet...
(I'll be crossing them over, and shall try to keep it updated)

Start of the year: 2(+6) + 5 classics + 2 from siblings
                 Got before this year (the ones I want to get to zero by the end of the year)
                 ARCs and books sent for review

   1. My True Love Gave to Me UNHAUL
   >>2. Frost Like Night
3. PS I Like You
4. Bad Blood
5. Take the Key and Lock Her Up
6. Dream On
7. Love, Lies and Spies
>>8. The Beauty of Darkness
 9. Girl Code (publ. March 7th -17)
 10. Literally (publ. April 11th -17)
 11. Heartless
 12. A is for Arsenic
 13. Stealing Snow UNHAUL
 DNF14. Ensnared (publ. May 25th -17)
 15. Geekerella (publ. April 4th -17)
 16. 10 Things I Can See From Here (publ. Feb. 28th -17)UNHAUL
 17. Harbringer, ebook (publ. March 1st -17)
18. The Shadow Cadets of Pennyroyal Academy
19. He tulevat Bagdadiin (orig. They Came to Baghdad)
20. The Rumpelstiltskin Problem
21. My Lady Jane
 22. I See London I See France (publ. Jul. 11th -17)
 23. This is How it Happened (publ. Jul. 11th -17)
 24. Changes in Latitudes (publ. Jul. 25th -17)
25. A Study in Charlotte
 26. Flame in the Mist
>>27. The Idiot Brain
28. Just Dreaming
29. Enigma
>>30. The Season of You & Me
31. An Abundance of Katherines
32. Will Grayson, Will Grayson
33. Forest of a Thousand Lanterns (publ. Oct 10th -17)
>>34. There's Someone Inside Your House
>>35. The Boy at the Top of the Mountain
>>36. Stay Where You Are and Then Leave
>>37. Artemis
>>38. Kuolema ilmoittaa lehdessä
>>39. Pallokala
>>40. Tristania
>>41. Osuma
42. Eliza and Her Monsters
>>43. Making the Monster: The Science Behind Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
>>44. Renegades
>>45. Murha maalaiskylässä
>>46. Aikataulukon arvoitus

>-2-2. Jane Austen
>3,4. Charles Dickens 2-3
>5. Poe - Nantucket
   >6. Wilde 1/9
   >7. Shakespeare 2/37
   >8. Poe 3/71
   >9. Andersen 7/99
   >10. Aesop's Fables 50/384
   >11. The Arabian Nights 0/21
   >12. Kafka 1/7
>13,14. The Classic Works of Mark Twain 4-5
   >15. Short stories 0/4
>16. The Classic Works of Robert Louis Stevenson 1-5
>17. Jane Eyre

1. Animal Farm
2. Mistborn
3. The Cuckoo's Calling
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2017 challenge

TBR challenge

This was a work in progress, last updated: December 31st -17

For the past two years I've done a challenge to get my TBR list down.
I decided that I won't continue the Around the World in 52 books challenge, but for anyone interested here is The 2017 List: link

I started doing them because of two things:
1) I wanted to get a grip on my huge TBR
& 2) I wanted to expand what I was reading

This year I want to focus on that second point, and therefore made a list of my own, combinging different challenges and picking the ones I thought were fitting.

1. Finish 2 series
Just Dreaming
2. A book from the Goodreads Choice Awards (link to 2016)
3. A book you meant to read in 2016
To Kill a Mockingbird
4. A historical fiction
Love, Lies and Spies
5. Released as a movie
6. Award winner
An Abundance of Katherines
7. A book in Finnish
He tulevat Bagdadiin
8.  A really long book (600+ pages)
The Beauty of Darkness
9. A book by an author you haven't read before
10. A book written by at least two authors
My Lady Jane
11. A non-fiction
Girl Code
12. A book with a long title
A is for Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie
13. A magical realism novel
Flame in the Mist ?
14. A book where one of the main characters is royalty
Take the Key and Lock Her Up
15. A book you choose randomly
I See London, I See France
16. A novel inspired by a work of classic literature
The Rumpelstiltskin Problem
17. A book published in 2017
18. A book with a chilling atmosphere (scary, unsettling, cold)
Bad Blood
19. A recommendation from "What Should I Read Next" (link)
Dream On
20. A collection (e.g. essays, short stories, poetry, plays)
My True Love Gave to Me
21. A biography/autobiography/memoir
Making the Monster: The Science Behind Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
22. Genre you don't read enough
Engineer's Cookbook
23. Someone else picked
Will Grayson, Will Grayson
24. Choose by Cover
This is How it Happened
25. A Standalone
PS I Like You
I will be updating this and crossing things over when I've read them.

And tomorrow I will be posting my yearly updated TBR, that I will be updating as the year goes on like last year.
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Girl Code: Review

Andrea Gonzales & Sophie Houser

*Book kindly provided by the publisher, Harper Collins, in exchange for an honest review!*

Goodreads' link to the book

>I gave this book 4.5 stars

This inspiring true story is about how two teens, Sophie and Andy, found the magic of coding and made the game Tampon Run, which went viral.
          (From the game: "the taboo that surrounds [menstruation] teaches women that a normal and natural bodily function is embarrassing and crude...The game is a way of discussing the taboo in an accessible way.")
        >>>You can access it on their website and now as an app.

       Computer coding is a male dominated world and this book shows how girls everywhere can achieve dreams no matter what. It doesn't matter if you don't know what your doing or you take a wrong turn in life, you can still make your way to happiness. It's okay to be unsure of what to do and this book proves it.

       The book is honest bringing new perspectives and thoughts to climbing the ladder by working hard. These young girls follow their passions and the road of fear and insecurity without a clue at what they're doing - but manage to succeed at the end.

       You need to make sacrifices in life, but like the girls learnt - you need to be yourself and prioritize things that are important to you. Remember that there are people backing you up and working together can be helpful and rewarding.

      Even if you aren't interested in coding, this book is great for showing you that you don't need to know what life will bring, just work hard and success can be reached - even after some mistakes.

     Or maybe after reading this you'll be excited to start out trying coding:
"Coding is empowering, it's creative, and it's fun." -Sophie
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Book Haul

As I suspected I bought quite a bit of books on my trip to America
& also Harper Collins sent a few ARCs (advanced reader's copies)
& Pan Macmillan sent over a book as well

PS I Like You
Take the Key and Lock Her Up
Bad Blood
Dream On
Love, Lies and Spies
The Beauty of Darkness
The Heart of Betrayal
The Wrath and the Dawn
The Rose and the Dagger
Cinder and Ella
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
A Torch Against the Night (signed copy!)

Thank you Harper Collins:
Literally (expected publication: April 11th)
Girl Code (expected publication: March 7th)

Thank you Pan Macmillan:

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2017 : anticipated reads and TBR

Most anticipated / books I want to get to / goals / TBR

First of all I completed the Around the World in 52 books challenge (link to the books I chose here).
I'm not sure if I'll participate in the 2017 one - or in another one so we'll see.

Last year I did well on the list of books I want to get to (link here), but I won't be doing a list for 2017.

TBR (this will change in soon, because I'm going book shopping for the holiday)
The last few years I've had a goal to read every book that I bought before that year and not yet read.
And I'm happy to say that at the end of the year 2016 my TBR consists of one book (+some classics that I don't count for this list):
Frost Like Night

From the calssics TBR I really want to get to more Jane Austen & Charles Dickens

I will be continuing the "a classics a month" that I've been doing for the past couple o' years

Then quickly to goals:
This year I'm not doing the goal of 100 books like I have previously, because I'm finnishing school and have finals in the next few months.
Which brings me to some news during Feb-March I will be posting biweekly!

Top 10 most anticipated new releases of 2017, for me:
(in order of publication)
(the list won't include sequels to books from which I haven't read the first book - even if I'm excited about it!)

Take a Key and Lock Her Up
Carve the Mark
By Your Side
Flame in the Mist
Now I Rise
Lucky in Love
Solutions and Other Problems
The Gatlon School for Vigilantes
King's Cage
(Just Dreaming)

And I'm surely missing some important ones...
Lots of you are surely excited for the new DC icons series by multiple YA authors (Leigh Bardugo Wonder Woman, Marie Lu Batman, Matt de La Pena Superman & Sarah J. Maas Catwoman)
But I'm kinda hesitant it'll make it or break it for me... I do like that they are stand-alones though, so I'll probably read some!

Read on lovelies,


Read This Month


1. Cinder and Ella, audiobook
2. Also Known As, audiobook
3. Five Little Pigs
4. A Torch Against the night, audiobook