Read This Quarter II

What I read this quarter, Quarter II

April, May, and June

1. Hawk          REVIEWED 
2. Persuasion          audiobook (classic) 
3. The Guest List          ebook REVIEWED ✦.5
- - -

4. Animal Farm          audiobook (classic) 
5. How to Drag a Body and Other Safety Tips You Hope to Never Need Non-fiction  ebook REVIEWED 
6. Lady Susan          audiobook (classic)  ✧
- - -

7. Myyttihovi          ✦.5 ✧


          57 female,
          43 male
         43 classic,
         29 fantasy,
         14 crime
         14 non-fiction
       1 958 p
         43 % audiobooks,
         29 % e-books,
         29 % physical books
          43 sent to me (for honest reviews)

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Mid Year Book Freak Out TAG

I wasn't planning on doing this tag this year since I've only read 12 books - of which none were 5 stars for me! But I thought that this, looking back and forwards, might work as a push to maybe read a bit more.

Also funnily enough, it turns out I've been doing this every other year. 2016 link & 2018 link and here it is again since we're a bit over the halfway mark again.

1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2018.
I've given two books 4.5 stars so far; Turn of the Key and The Guest List.
Which is surprising, since I wouldn't think that crime would be my favorite genre this year.
2. Best sequel you've read so far in 2018.
I haven't read any! My Calamity Jane and Come Tumbling Down are high on my list though!
3. New release you haven't read yet, but want to.
From ARCs I have and haven't gotten to yet; Faith and Burn
4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year. Bookish and the Beast, One by One, Instant Karma, A Sky Beyond the Storm are all on my list

5. Biggest disappointment. Maybe Lady Susan? It wasn't bad (I gave it 3 stars), but especially comparing to Pride and Prejudice and Emma I was disappointed.

6. Biggest surprise. I think this goes back to my answer for the first question.

7. Favorite new author.(Debut or new to you) I'm definitely looking forward to reading more from Ruth Ware! With adult crime though, at the same time I know it could either go really well or, well, not.

8. Newest fictional crush. I don't really get fictional crushes, more like I really love a good relationship dynamic. And oddly enough, the only "romance" books I've read this year have been Persuasion and Lady Susan. Maybe I should pick up a contemporary book next.
Also something to mention, I enjoyed the relationships in the book Hawk.

9. Newest favorite character. I really don't think I have one!

10. Book that made you cry. None, I don't think

11. Book that made you happy. Book Love was definitely a cute one

12. Most beautiful book you've bought so far this year (or received) I haven't bough a single book! Well I guess I did, but it's a cookbook so does it count?
I've had this bucket list dream of cooking every single thing in a cookbook and I finally found one I wanted to go with; Magnolia Table. And it is gorgeous!

13. What books do you need to read by the end of the year?
I went back to my post in January of anticipated reads, and I haven't read any! 4 out of the 6 2020 releases have already been released, yet I haven't read them.


How to Drag a Body and Other Safety Tips : review

How to Drag a Body and Other Safety Tips You Hope to Never Need: Survival Tricks for Hacking, Hurricanes, and Hazards Life Might Throw at You

by Judith Matloff

*ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review!*
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A seasoned war correspondent, Columbia University professor, and safety consultant provides practical, proven strategies for women that gives them the power and resources to take on almost any crisis, disaster, or challenge—from hurricanes to harassment and beyond.

Goodreads' link to the book!

Honestly I feel a bit weird giving this book a star rating, since it's more of a how-to type book.
I did end up giving it one, but didn't break it down like I usually do to how I came to that rating. Instead I wrote out my opinions, and what to expect from the book!

Stars: ✦✦✦

• This book goes through real life scenarios, though some might seem extreme, with tips an tricks from experience. It's written by a war reporter, so you know she has seen things.

• It's quite a reality check to help you feel in control. Whether it's by reading a section that applies or going through the book cover to cover. Overall I'd say it's a healthy way of being prepared.

• It's not simply "this scenario has this answer, that one has that", but has some story telling aspects to it, with humor also interlaced.

• I worked as a guard for some months, and in training we go through some worst case scenarios and what to do. The reality is you can never be sure you know everything and are prepared for anything. So simply having a game plan of where to find information is a great start! For example which folders have blueprints, or where the emergency meeting areas are.

" As Confucius once said, “He who fails to prepare, prepares to fail.” "

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