The Fray Theory : review

Resonance, Nelou Keramati
*ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review!*

This is the first book in a new series that will be out August 31st 2016,
and there won't be any spoilers in this review!

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>I gave this book 4.5 stars (meaning I loved it!) and decided to continue on with the way I previosly did (link)!
So I'll tell 4.5 things I liked about the book and 0.5 things I didn't like.

+1 | In regards to the author, I loved her writing style. The descriptions were so rich and beautifully lyrical, but it was still really fast paced and had lots of action!

+2 | Not only fluff. It made you think, and it also delt with a couple of more serious themes and for that I would like to tip my hat to the author.

+3 | Science. I am definetly a science person so the view to all the scientific thoughts in this book was really interesting. I loved the new perspectives and all the thought that went into it.

+4 | Different. While reading this book at times I had no idea what was going on. It was haphazard in a marvelous way, and I loved it. It was so different and I didn't know what to expect from it! It wasn't that typical YA book and that just sold it for me.

+0.5 | Even though it doesn't really have to do with the book itself: I really enjoyed reading it more knowing the fact that the author is such a lovely person! I talked with her for a bit and what a sweetheart she is. :)

-0.5 | I think there is room to grow with everything, and one thing that I want to see a change in is the love triangle. I didn't hate it though, like I usually do. Overall I really liked the characters but I want to grow more attached to them when everything progresses.

All the characters are intricatley woven and you get to see snapshots of their personalities, seeing all the differences as well which I liked. Neve looked at the world like an artist, noticing the beauty that we normally just pass daily and I found it to be kind of eye opening.

Overall I am very excited to see where everything is going and I can't wait for the next book, though that might be a problem seeing that even the first one isn't published yet.

> And as far as recommendations go: I recommend this book if you want something fast paced, different and beautifully written.
And can I just say that the author did a wonderful job with making the cover!
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Book Haul

Start of  Summer -16

1. 1984
2. Frankenstein
3. Everything, Everything
4. Safe Haven
5. Hyperbole and a Half
6. Howl's Moving Castle
7. Just Ella
8. Wanderlost
9. Ice Like Fire
10. Perfect Cover
11. Killer Spirit


Around the World in 52 books


I finished the Around the World in 52 books challenge (Goodreads group link).
But I do think that I will continue doing it in the way that it was actually intended - to read a book for the challenge of the week. And in that way it would last the whole year, but I wanted to do it the way I did it last year, but ended up doing it quite a bit faster.
I listed all the books I read for the challenge and they are listed in my post, link.




I made one of these a year ago link, which has the classics I've read for my "classic-a-month" challenge I've been doing for the past few years.

>Now the word of being a classic can vary depending on who says it. And it also varies what someone thinks is a classic so here is my take... And there a couple that I'll put into this list but do not necessarily classify as a full on classics.

May-Aug: "Lukudiplomi" for Finnish Class
    Between Shades of Gray
     The Bell Jar
      Tortilla Flat
     And Then There Were None
      Princess Bride
Sep: Speak
        The Help
Oct: Dracula
Nov: The Leaning Tower
Dec: Ozma of Oz

Jan: Marvelous Land of Oz
Feb: Merry Men and Other Stories
Mar: Short sotries: Grimm, Wilde, Stevenson
        Tom Sawyer
         Poems: Wilde, Poe
Apr: Picture of Dorian Gray
         Sherlock Holmes: 2,3,4,6
May: Oliver Twist
Jun: Sense and Sensibility
Jul: Catcher in the Rye
        Wuthering Heights
Aug: ^
Sep: Metamorphosis
Dec: Five Little Pigs

(I doubt I will be updating this everytime I read a classic so do note that)

UPDATE I will be making a new one for 2017!



For an updated TBR go to my Goodreads shelf: link

As most of you probably know, I've been working on getting my TBR (to be read) pile down. And I am pleased to say that my TBR is officially 0Well techniqally it's 1, but the other one is a collection of short-stories, as I tend to like to read one every once in a while, when I don't know what else to read.
          So in the beginning of last year (and this year as well) I decided to read every book that I owned, hadn't read and had bought before that year. And closer to the end of the year I decided that I would allow myself to keep 5 not read, since it turned out to be quite a feat. During that year I had a TBR jar with all my unread books. And once a month I would pick one and if I didn't read it that month, I had to gt rid of it. (During that year I think I got rid of 3 in that way). Also I read a classic every month, and am continuing to do so. This year I am also trying to finish series, finishing one every month.
          A way that I was able to check so many books off of my TBR, other than not bying that many, was by not reading as much from the library or from my brother. Though now those numbers are getting higher and higher, and this summer I am planning on reading plenty of those.

Addition: now that school ended I actually ordered some books, so it ain't 0 anymore :) A haul coming soon as well.