Read This Month


1. All In
2. In the Afterlight (TBR)
3. The Heir
4. The Knife of Never Letting Go
5. Batgirl, vol. 1, graphic novel
6. Lips Touch. short stories
7. Someone Else's Fairytale, ebook


Books I want to get to


Last year I had a goal to read every book that I have bought before the year 2015 and not read yet. And I kinda succeeded. In December I had a book slump and changed it so that I wouldn't need to read 5 of them.

So for this year I have that same thing:
read all the books I have not read but bought before the year 2016
            >meaning since I did this last year as well: all the books I bought in 2015 and haven't read yet (22 now in the beginning of the year)
+ the 5 books I didn't get to for last years goal.

But here are some that I would really love to get to:

>Goose Girl (2)
>Poison Study (2)
False Memory (2)
>A Mad Zombie Party (1)
>Lunar Chronicles (1)
-The Books of Ember (4)
>Manners and Mutiny (1)
>Oz (2)
Sisters Red (3)
<Knife of Never Letting Go (2)
<Dreams of Gods and Monsters (2)

(A book by: Austen
A Sherlock book)

I will also be continuing my "a classic a month" and a "TBR-jar pick every month".
And maybe I'll add "finish one series from this list every month"...

- - -
But the thing I will be doing differently this year: no pressure to get to all of these! I read for fun, and it should stay as that.
         This is also because this year I will start my finals for high school and I want to focus on those when the time comes.