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Last year I had a goal to read every book that I have bought before the year 2015 and not read yet. And I kinda succeeded. In December I had a book slump and changed it so that I wouldn't need to read 5 of them.

So for this year I have that same thing:
read all the books I have not read but bought before the year 2016
            >meaning since I did this last year as well: all the books I bought in 2015 and haven't read yet (22 now in the beginning of the year)
+ the 5 books I didn't get to for last years goal.

But here are some that I would really love to get to:

>Goose Girl (2)
>Poison Study (2)
False Memory (2)
>A Mad Zombie Party (1)
>Lunar Chronicles (1)
-The Books of Ember (4)
>Manners and Mutiny (1)
>Oz (2)
Sisters Red (3)
<Knife of Never Letting Go (2)
<Dreams of Gods and Monsters (2)

(A book by: Austen
A Sherlock book)

I will also be continuing my "a classic a month" and a "TBR-jar pick every month".
And maybe I'll add "finish one series from this list every month"...

- - -
But the thing I will be doing differently this year: no pressure to get to all of these! I read for fun, and it should stay as that.
         This is also because this year I will start my finals for high school and I want to focus on those when the time comes.

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