Read This Summer

I didn't read classics, nor any from my TBR jar, this summer because I had to read 20 books for school... September was the first month for those^

1. Locke and Key, volume 3
2. Curtsies & Conspiracies (TBR)
3. Golgatan Kuningatar
4. Poison Study
5. Punainen pukee teitä
6. Pikku prinssi, reread
7. Neiti Peregrine…, reread
8. The Well-wishers
9. False Memory
10. Enna Burning
11. Kingsman
12. Assassins Curse

1. Dream a Little Dream
2. Dangerous (TBR)
3. The Nine Lives of Chloe King 1-3
6. Fairest
7. Every Day
8. The Forgotten Sisters
9. Pirate's Wish
10. The Fill-in Boyfriend
11. Waistocats and Weaponry
12. Half Wild
13. Neverwhere, graphic novel (In Finnish)
14. Delirium (In Finnish)
15. Iloisen lehmän runot
16. Punainen kuin veri

1. Saga volume 4, graphic novel
2. Sleeper and the Spindle
3. Ready Player One: romaani
4. End of Days
5. Nälkävuosi
6. Harmaata Valoa
7. Ystävyyden talo
8. Lasikellon Alla

1. Eikä yksikään pelastunut
2. Magian Väri
3. Red Queen
4. Locke and Key 5, graphic novel


2015 Reading Challenge

I know I haven't been posting anything, of which I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I'm up for it for a while either. But I decided to do this and see how it goes again.
            So in the beginning of the year I found this post on Tumblr and decided to try it out. Here is my progress:
(I'll be probably updating this, so don't wonder. And my ideas for those I haven't read are also written.)

1. Book with more than 500 pages CRESS
2. Classic romance GOOSE-GIRL
3. Book that became a movie CHRISTMAS CAROL
4. Book published this year I WAS HERE
5. Book with a number in the title THE ONE
6. Book written by a person under 30 ERAGON
7. Book with non-human characters FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH
8. Funny book ANOMALY
9. Female author DEFIANCE
10. Mystery/thriller VEREN VIMMA
11. One-word title REBEL
13. Set in a different country NIGHT CIRCUS
14. Nonfiction book WHAT IF?
15. Popular authors first book LAMENT
16. From an author you love (but haven't read yet) ALL FALL DOWN
17. Book a friend recommended ALIENATED
18. Pulitzer Prize winner KATHERINE PORTER
19. Book based on a true story WE SHOULD HANG OUT SOMETIMES
20. Book at the bottom of your TBR list PALACE OF STONE
21. Book your mom loves THE HELP
22. Book that scares you CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE
23. More than a hunderd years old ROBINSON CRUSOE
24. Choose based on the cover THE LUCY VARIATIONS
25. You were supposed to read in school but didn't VESIPUUTARHAT
26. A memoir BELL JAR
27. Book you finished in a day DREAM A LITTLE DREAM
28. Antonyms in the title CURTSIES & CONSPIRACIES
29. Set somewhere you've wanted to visit AARRE (France)
30. Came out the year you were born SPEAK
31. Bad reviews SHIVER
33. From your childhood PETER PAN
34. Love triangle KILLER INSTINCT
35. Set in the future BOOK OF IVY
36. Set in high school FALLEN
37. Colour in the title SCARLET
39. With magic THE WELL-WISHERS
40. Graphic novel SAGA
41. Author you haven't read THE RAFT
42. Book you own but hadn't read THE DREAM THIEVES
43. Takes place in your hometown VEREN VIMMA
44. Written in a different language GOLGATAN KUNINGATAR
45. Set during christmas POLAR EXPRESS
46. Author with your initials DEFECTOR (Susanne Winnacker, I felt it was close enough to S.V.)
47. A play MACBETH
48. Banned book DRACULA
49. Based on/turnes to a TV show CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE
50. Book you've started but never finished before ASSANSINS CURSE