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  1. Changes in Latitudes REVIEW
  2. Flame in the Mist REVIEW
  3. Take the Key and Lock Her Up (Series Finisher)
  4. Bad Blood (Series Finisher)
  5. Dream On
  6. To Kill a Mockingbird (CftM)
  7. Cold-Case Christianity for Kids Non-fiction


Male/Female author:
         86 female,
         14 male
        14 contemporary,
        14 classic,
        14 % non-fiction,
        29 crime,
        29 magic/fantasy

        2 299p
        100 % physical books
         29 sent to me (for honest reviews)

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Flame in the Mist : review

Renée Ahdieh

*Copy kindly provided by the publisher, Penguin Random House, in exchange for an honest review!*

The daughter of a prominent samurai, Mariko has long known her place—she may be an accomplished alchemist, whose cunning rivals that of her brother Kenshin, but because she is not a boy, her future has always been out of her hands.

Goodreads' link to the book!


Stars: ✦✦1/2
So as usual, I'll tell 4.5 things I liked about the book and 0.5 things I didn't like.

So what did I think?

+1 | The writing style is so lyrical yet it flows and isn't hard to follow, just like in The Wrath and the Dawn

+1 | Retelling - you all know I absolutely love them - yet I never knew what to expect!

+1 | World and explanations.
I always want to get sucked into the book I'm reading, so with fantasy books if the world is not explained well you might distance ourself from the story because you're wondering how something came to be in it.
But Ahdieh managed it extremely well and the world was so interesting and I can't wait for the next one
>Also the back had a mini dictionary for some new words that fit with the theme

+1 | World Action and pace. So much happened in the book! And when I had to put the book down I always felt the urge to pick it up again and kept thinking about it

+/-0.5 | Characters and development
We learn so much about these characters but the thing I was really impressed by was that we learned everything in exactly the pave that Ahdieh set, working with bits and pieces that eventually click.
             I also really liked the characters and how very different they all were

     There was also some romance that kind of fell short for me at the end, but all the relationships and friendships as a whole group worked well

bonus: The End. I don't think I need to say anything else about it

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Books I Want as Movies

Also I was thinking of ones I think would work as movies

Assassins Curse
The Wrath and the Dawn
Gallagher Girls

Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
Cinder and Ella
Anna and the French Kiss

We Should Hang Out Sometime (I don't know how it'd be made but I'd love to see it)

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Changes in Latitudes : review

Jen Malone

*ARC kindly provided by the publisher, Harper Collins, in exchange for an honest review!*

All Cassie wants is to get some solid ground under her feet following the shock of her parents' divorce. So when she learns of her mom's plans to take Cassie and her brother, Drew, on a four-month sailing trip from Oregon to Mexico, she's stunned. There is absolutely nothing solid about the Pacific Ocean. 

>This book will be released July 25th 2017

Goodreads' link to the book!

Stars: ✦✦1/2
So as usual, I'll tell 3.5 things I liked about the book and 1.5 things I didn't like.

So what did I think?

+1 | The story is fluffy and entertaining - a summer contemporary that is quick and fitting for the season

+1 | I have read Wanderlust by the same author, and I think the writing has improved and now holds more within

+/-0.5| I liked how the book was based around the  relationships both within the family and outside of it, but they could've been developed more

+/- 0.5 | Like many summery contemporary books it has a road trip setting to it, so nothing new there, but the setting is actually on a boat so that makes it stand out

+/-0.5 | I liked the characters as they really stood out to me to have backround and quirks that made them unique - leaves, quotes and boats - but I felt like the main character was too hasty with her opinions and delt with things in a not-so-bright way

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Most Sold Books

Thoughts - Read, will or won't?

(Wikipedia, Jamesclear, The Guardian)

I made this to just map out a) what are actually the very best selling books and b) to see how much I'd read of them  and c) if anything grabs my attention and makes me want to read it.
You'll probably enjoy a and c

List of best-selling single-volume books

More than 100 million copies


Don QuixoteMiguel de Cervantes

A Tale of Two CitiesCharles Dickens

O Alquimista (The Alchemist)Paulo Coelho

Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince)Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneJ.K. Rowling

The HobbitJ. R. R. Tolkien

And Then There Were NoneAgatha Christie

紅樓夢/红楼梦 (Dream of the Red Chamber)Cao Xueqin

Alice in WonderlandLewis Carroll

List of best-selling book series

More than 100 million copies

Book seriesAuthor

Harry PotterJ.K. Rowling
GoosebumpsR. L. Stine

Perry MasonErle Stanley Gardner

Berenstain BearsStan and Jan Berenstain

Choose Your Own Adventurevarious authors

Sweet Valley HighFrancine Pascal and ghostwriters

NoddyEnid Blyton

Nancy Drewvarious authors as Carolyn Keene

The Railway SeriesRev. W. AwdryChristopher Awdry

San-AntonioFrédéric Dard

Robert LangdonDan Brown

The Baby-sitters ClubAnn Martin

Diary of a Wimpy KidJeff Kinney

Star Warsvarious authors

The Lord of the RingsJ. R. R. Tolkien

Little CritterMercer Mayer

Peter RabbitBeatrix Potter

American Girlvarious authors

Chicken Soup for the SoulJack CanfieldMark Victor Hansen

Geronimo StiltonElisabetta Dami

Frank MerriwellGilbert Patten

Fifty Shades of GreyE. L. James

Dirk PittClive Cussler

宮本武蔵 (Musashi)Eiji Yoshikawa

The Chronicles of NarniaC. S. Lewis

Mr. MenRoger HargreavesAdam Hargreaves

TwilightStephenie Meyer

Clifford the Big Red DogNorman Bridwell

James BondIan Fleming

MartineGilbert DelahayeMarcel Marlier

25 Best-Selling Books of All-Time

#1 – Don Quixote (500 million copies sold)
by Miguel de Cervantes
#2 – A Tale of Two Cities (200 million copies sold)
by Charles Dickens
#3 – The Lord of the Rings (150 million copies sold)
by J.R.R. Tolkien
#4 – The Little Prince (142 million copies sold)
by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
#5 – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (107 million copies sold)
by J.K. Rowling
#6 – And Then There Were None (100 million copies sold)
by Agatha Christie
#7 – The Dream of the Red Chamber (100 million copies sold)
by Cao Xueqin
#8 – The Hobbit (100 million copies sold)
by J.R.R. Tolkien
#9 – She: A History of Adventure (100 million copies sold)
by H. Rider Haggard
#10 – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (85 million copies sold)
by C.S. Lewis
#11 – The Da Vinci Code (80 million copies sold)
by Dan Brown
#12 – Think and Grow Rich (70 million copies sold)
by Napoleon Hill
#13 – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (65 million copies sold)
by J.K. Rowling
#14 – The Catcher in the Rye (65 million copies sold)
by J.D. Salinger
#15 – The Alchemist (65 million copies sold)
by Paulo Coelho
#16 – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (60 million copies sold)
by J.K. Rowling
#17 – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (55 million copies sold)
by J.K. Rowling
#18 – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (55 million copies sold)
by J.K. Rowling
#19 – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (55 million copies sold)
by J.K. Rowling
#20 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (50 million copies sold)
by J.K. Rowling
#21 – One Hundred Years of Solitude (50 million copies sold)
by Gabriel García Marquez
#22 – Lolita (50 million copies sold)
by Vladimir Nabokov
#23 – Anne of Green Gables (50 million copies sold)
by Lucy Maud Montgomery
#24 – Charlotte’s Web (50 million copies sold)
by E.B. White
#25 – Black Beauty (50 million copies sold)

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This is How it Happened : review

Paula Stokes

*ARC kindly provided by the publisher, Harper Collins, in exchange for an honest review!*

Somehow I’ve become a liar. A coward. Here’s how it happened. 
When Genevieve Grace wakes up from a coma, she can’t remember the car crash that injured her and killed her boyfriend Dallas, a YouTube star who had just released his first album. 

>This book will be released July 11th 2017

Goodreads' link to the book!

Stars: ✦✦✦
So as usual, I'll tell 4 things I liked about the book and 1 thing I didn't like.

So what did I think?

+1 | First of all I want to say how important the message of the book is,
and I really liked how the world we live in was portrayed in regards to the internet and the slew of problems it brings.

+1 | The characters I really liked and it was interesting how all their layers were brought out bit by bit

+1 | The writing style and the pace was so well done and fully thought out

+1  | The story and premise itself was really different which I found to be a good change.
Also like I stated in the previous point it was so well thought of that the story arc was clear even though they brought parts from the past alongside the main storyline

-1  | I felt like the relationship that was brought in at the end wasn't needed,
and also the last twist wasn't how I hoped it would go, but at the same time I didn't hate it if that makes any sense

!!! If anyone else has an ARC of this book, go to the authors goodreads to check if you have a page that is missing from the early versions !!!

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