Disney Book Tag

Disney Book Tag

#1. The Little Mermaid – A character that is out of their element, a “Fish out of Water”.
Gwen in the Precious Stone Trilogy.
I think it was smartly done since quite often the story goes that the main character knows nothing of what they actually are and are thrown into the world (Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments etc.), but in these books she knows about time travel but always thought that it wouldn't be her.

#2. Cinderella – A character that goes through a major transformation.
Tris in Divergent. She embraces what she is, but I'll still go with that answer.

#3. Snow White – A book with an eclectic cast of characters.
The Lovely and the Lost doesn't have that many characters but they're all extremely different from each other. And lots of dogs.

#4. Sleeping Beauty – A book that put you to sleep.
My Life Next Door. I don't remember the plot or characters, and I think that was the problem - it wasn't memorable at all to me.

#5. The Lion King – A character that had something traumatic happen to them in their childhood.
Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles

#6. Beauty and the Beast – A beast of a book (a big book) that you were intimidated by, but found the story to be beautiful.
Winter, one of the longest ones I've read - and loved.

#7. Aladdin – A character that get’s their wish granted, for better or for worse.
I'm going with A Natural History of Dragons. Isabella gets what she wishes, and not at the same time.

#8. Mulan – A character that pretends to be something or someone they are not.
Lia in The Kiss of Deception

#9. Toy Story – A book with characters you wish would come to live.
Harry Potter characters! I don't think I need to explain this one

#10. Disney Descendants – Your favourite villain or morally ambiguous character.
This is a tough one - even Harry Potter has multiple; between Snape, Voldemort and Umbridge. Also Levana from the Lunar Chronicles is quite a character!

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10 Books and 10 words

The goal is to list 10 books and describe it in 1 word.
The last time I did this tag was four (!) years ago and I ended up bending the rules (link).
We'll see how it goes this time around

1. My Lady Jane --- hilarious, upside down
2. Archenemies --- superhero-esc
3. Ember in the Ashes --- mask
4. Daughter of the Pirate King --- piratess
5. Flame in the Mist --- mulan-esc
6. Naturals --- crime
7. Geekerella ---  geekerella fits perfectly
8. Eliza and Her Monsters --- art
9. A is for Arsenic --- poison
10. The Raft --- survival

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