Read This Month


1. The Last Star, (Series Finisher)
2. Glass Sword
3. Ice Like Fire
4. Heart of Betrayal

Though this is the least amount of books I've read a month this year, I'm quite surprised by the amount since I'm in the middle of finals for school, so that's something. But three weeks and I'm free! Before the actual last ones next February, that is...

In any case, read on lovelies,


Book Craft


For some reason I decided to do a folding book craft, of which I've seen plenty of pictures. And so the journey began

1. Google & Decisions
I grabbed a book that I had DNF'd and was planning of getting rid of, and I started writing a list of options that I could do and questions I needed to search.
I'd recommend writing straight to the cover of the book since from that you can find out if you are actually capable of potentially destroying the book!

2. Math
So after those decisions and googling for answers, I started making claculations.
So the book had 336 pages and so 168 foldable ones.
Then I had four letters, and three spaces in between those letters so (168-3x4)/4=39 pages for each letter and that is easily dividable with 3 so the letters'll go well and always sectioned to 3 x13 pages.

3. Lines for help
I saw lots of different ways to start the folding, with an extra paper with the outlines, by drawing it straight to the pages etc. but I decided to just go with it and see how it went.
So I added guide lines in where to fold the top and sides (see picture) and started with the straight beginning of the letter L.
And then I started the smaller section for the bottom of the L.

4. Between letters
For between the letters when I fold the 4 pages I took the whole page and folded it in half to the spine and that brought some volume  and separation witht the letters.

5. O whole?
Then the tougher part. An O has a line at the top and bottom at the same time! So some more googeling and results - you fold one paper to make the top line and the next the bottom, and you rotate those.

6. Slants
In the O it was quite easy to just take the third of the pages and gradually make the edge wider to make it shape up, then make the whole and slant the other side in a similat fashion.
But with the V on the other hand, oh boy there were some problems. So the first third I folded from the top line I sketched in the beginning and same with the third third. Then the second third from the bottom. Then from the middle of the second third I started the slants going upwards. And in similar fashion the edges to the bottom. Makes sense right? Try to look at the pictures to figure it, I can't really explain it.

7. E with three lines?
So the E was easy again with the first straight line being the same with the L and the ending part the same with the O whole alternating with the top and bottom lines.
But in between these two parts (the one left and not folded in the picture) there are THREE lines at the same time. So I decided to do the same as with the two line whole but with alternating with the three instead (so first the left then middle and lastly right and again and again).

8. Tadaa?
So now it was done, but I decided to paint the edges with a red/black/silver concoction to bring that out even more.
And from this last photo you can see that when folding the top parts I didn't exactly follow the line I sketched in the beginning and that really didn't matter.

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Top 10 : Non-fiction


If you've been reading my blog or Goodreads you might now that I don't really read non-fiction... So i decided to make a list of my top ones that I have read, since that makes sense right?
      And in no particular order:

1. We Should Hang Out Sometime, Josh Sunquist
        Comedy, stories about failed dates

2. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, Mindy Kaling / Yes Please, Amy Poehler
        Comedy and thoughts (in the same since I remember them being good, but disappointing)

3. Seriously I'm Kidding, Ellen DeGeneres
        Comedy and thoughts

4. Cheaper by the Dozen, Frank Gilberth Jr. & Ernestine Gilberth Carey   link to my review
                 The title might ring a bell, and yes the movie is (losely) based on this book
        Comedy and thoughts to their father (of 12), a efficiency exprt

5. Hyperbole and a Half, Allie Brosh
        Comedy, thoughts - graphic novel-ish

6. Soul Surfer, Bethany Hamilton
        Surfer + shark attack = adapting

7. Going Solo, Roald Dahl
        Roald Dahl as a pilot and such in the second WW

8. What If?, Randall Munroe
        Serious scientific answers to ridiculous questions

9. Thing Explainer, Randall Munroe
        Explaining hard things with only the most common words used

10. Stuff Matters, Mark Miodownik
        Exploring science and materials, in a really interesting way
Read on lovelies,


Bookish websites

/things you should check out

1. Recovering the Classics has all kinds of new covers for classics, and let me tell you: they are so well done! One of my faves is Dracula by Steve St. Pierre.
The website works by showing fan made covers for classics in an attempt to spread the joy of them.

2. From Cover to Cover is an ongoing project where the maker designs new covers for books they've read.
One of my faves is the Book Thief.

3. For great bookish ideas to buy and see RedBubble & Bookishly are the ways to go

4. For keeping up with all my readings/new releases & other fun stuff I use Goodreads (link to my page).

5. For finding free & cheap eBooks I use BookBub, where you sign up (for free), pick the genres you read and your preference on what platform you read on (kindle, kobo, etc.), and they send you lists of ebooks you might be interested every so often you want.

6. If you are a writer and/or just simply love writing, NaNoWriMo is for you. During November you have 30 days to write a 50 000 word novel. They boost you up and though it might not be for you, you should still check it out.

7And lastly the place I go to for bookish pictures, text posts & randomness is Tumblr (link to my page).

Nothing to do with books BUT it is just amazing:
27 Incredible Views You'd Only See If You Were A Bird link
giant hyperrealistic scluptures of everyday objects by Rmulo Celdrn link
Read on lovelies,