Helsinki Book Fair 2018

This post will be about the Helsinki Book Fair (kirjamessut.messukeskus.com) and is like last years one, linkand haul, link, which will be up next week!

This was my second year there with a blog pass, and I wasn't disappointed.


I wasn't planning on going today, but oh I did. For tips and tricks to also help I would recommend getting a map and acquainting oneself to it, because that's something I struggle with every year. Another thing that I'd recommend is making a list beforehand of the places you definitely want to visit. Even though I go through all the isles and rows systematically I always end up missing something.

Basically for the whole day I spent it perusing and familiarizing myself with everything and buying what caught my eye.

Another thing to mention is that a  theme of sorts this year was the States, which was seen in the amount of authors visiting and in some of the stands.


I spent Saturday mainly going to blogger events that publishers held.
It started out with a WSOY, Tammi, Johnny Kniga brunch with various authors:
Anja Snellman, Antti Heikkinen, Satu Vasantola, Veera Nieminen and Liina Putkonen.

Mostly what caught my eye was Jäätynyt tyttö by Liina Putkonen which is definitely something I want to read.
- - -

Next there was an event held by S&S with Katja Lahti, Sabine Forsblom, Annastiina Heikkilä, Lauri Ahtinen and Ida Salminen.

The ones I most want to read from this bunch are Tarinoita suomalaisista tytöistä jotka muuttivat maailmaa by Ida Salminen, and Elias by Lauri Ahtinen.
- - -

Lastly was Teos with Mia Franck, Hannu-Pekka Ikäheimo, Jarno Hartikainen, Rafael Donner, Juha Hurme, Kati Rapia, Henriikka Tavi, JP Pulkkinen and Mirjam Lohi.

And this time around Pyrstötähti by Kati Rapia and Juha Hurme really caught my attention


Today as the last day, I spent it with family who came with me to the fair. And buying whatever I couldn't stop thinking about so that regrets would be minimal.
I even bought a key-ring that can be used to tell what day of the week it is in whatever amount of time, which is frankly quite useless but I fell in love with it.

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Today's post will be up tomorrow evening.

To anyone around Helsinki this weekend, I'd recommend the Helsinki Book Fair!


TBR update!

Along the years, I've done lots of TBR posts/challenges/updates and now I'm proud to announce:
I'm officially at zero!
Also perfect timing because the yearly Helsinki Book Fair is next week, and I know I won't be able to not buy any books...

My yearly TBR, 2018 - (which I update): link

May of 2014 - TBR jar (I kept it up for a year): link

February of 2015 - #0by16 inspired challenge: reading all the books you bought before that year

December of 2015 - reading only books from my shelf (not from the library or my brothers shelf)

January 2016 - Around the World in 52 Books Challenge link
                           & again reading all the books I'd bought the previous year, which I continue

June of 2016 - TBR is at 0link (and that summer was spent reading books from my brothers shelf I was putting off)

January 2017 - Modified, around the world in 52 books, Challenge link (this time aimed for expanding what I read)

January 2018 - Modified Challenge link (aimed for expanding what I read)

An interesting thing I also I noticed was that the last four books were all different genres, and the ones I read the most (non-fiction science book, standalone fairytale retelling, fantasy series conclusion, standalone contemporary). I wanted to see if they were all a genre that I maybe don't tend to gravitate towards, but nope.

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My Goodreads Shelves, Update 2018

I made a post in September 2015 (link) which I updated in February 2017 explaining my Goodreads shelves I've created to catalog all my books (I also have a more in depth Excel on it link to that post).

Since it's been almost two years again I'm making an updated post explaining them.

My Goodreads

All (635)
collections-tbr ‎(3)             Classic collections that I have not completed
dnf_yet-never ‎(20)           Books I did not finish, some with the thought of maybe finishing
*have ‎(167)                      Books I own physical copies of
*reviewed ‎(58)                  Books I've reviewed (on Goodreads)
arc-sent4review ‎(43)          Advanced Readers Copies or other books sent to me from publishers/authors
classics-awards-read ‎(90)   Classic books and award winning book I've read
classics-to ‎(12)                   Classics I have yet to but want to read
continuation ‎(11)              Series I'm in the middle of (book shelved here is a series I've started but book I haven't read)
ebook ‎(31)                        Books I own electronic copies of
ebook-classics ‎(27)          Classics I own electronic copies of (book shelved here isn't in the "ebook" shelf)
get ‎(13)                             Books I want to buy
get-read ‎(4)                       Books I want to buy that I have already read
graphic-novels ‎(64)           Graphic novels that I've read
library ‎(10)                        Books I want to read from the library
series-i-dnf ‎(74)                Series I won't continue (book shelved here is the last one in the series I read)
series-i-finished ‎(55)         Series I finished (book shelved here is the last one in the series)
tbr ‎(1)                               My To Be Read books (books I own but haven't read (all formats))
tbr-sent ‎(0)                       My To Be Read books I was sent
x-18 ‎(0)                             Those books from my TBR shelf that I bought in 2018
y-17 ‎(1)                             Those book from my TBR shelf that I bought in 2017

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Popular Book Series I Haven't Finished

I recently made a post about popular books I haven't read and mentioned that series that I've maybe read the first one or two, but haven't finished won't be on that list - but here they are as promised.
I have posts about series I have finished and ones I haven't (and probably won't).
So none of these are certain "never reads", but not many are high on my TBR.

Raven Cycle (read 3)
Cassandra Clare (I have read MI and ID, but haven't read DA)
Throne of Glass (read 3)
Court of Thorns and Roses (read 1)
Six of Crows (read 1)
Red Queen (read 2)
Three Dark Throwns (read 1)
The Maze Runner (read 1)
Miss Peregrine's (read 1)
Matched (read 2)
Eragon (read 1)
Howl's Moving Castle (read 1)
A Wrinke in Time (read 1)
Series of Unfortunate Events (read 1)
The Giver (read 1)

*For stars and more info check my Goodreads: link*

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