Read This Month


1. We Should Hang Out Sometime
2. City of Heavenly Fire
3. Rat Queens, graphic novel
4. Fables 2, graphic novel
5. Fables 3, graphic novel
6. Ignite Me
7. Saga 3, graphic novel
8. The Lucy Variations
9. Fables 4, graphic novel
10. Fables 5, graphic novel
11. Aarre, graphic novel
12. Lament (TBR jar)
13. Linger
14. Peter Pan (CftM)
15. Forever
16. Eragon


The Goal to the Journey

Something Different, again

Is it the journey or the goal we reach, that gives the meaning to the experience? This is what we wonder.

I think it's the journey. We embark on the journey of life. Along the road we might make a goal and reach it. If though, for exaple marriage, is the goal your journey doesn't end there, but you continue on and maybe set another goal.

Some say that the journey is important, when you have a goal. You try and reach that goal maybe failing a couple times but getting better and reaching it and looking back the journey was indeed the experience. But do you need to have a goal to every journey? That depends. What is the goal to the journey?

Think about it. Are we too busy dreaming of a goal we don't see the journey to it? And if we reach said goal do we simply think that is the finale we wanted and not even think to journey further?
Wishing you the best,


Top 5 Wednesday

April 22
Books That Feature Traveling (any genre)

1. Ruby Red (time-)
2. Across the Universe
3.The Lunar Chronicles I guess
4. Heist Society, um of sorts
5. The Kiss of Deception




I have been gathering more classics onto my shelves and decided to make an a) what classics I have read and b) what classics I have read for the A Classic every Month Challenge I made for myself.

>Now the word of being a classic can vary depending on who says it. And it also varies what someone thinks is a classic so here is my take... And there a couple that I'll put into this list but do not necessarily classify as a full on classics.

Lord of the Flies
Blackbird pond
Anderson: The Little Mermaid, Snow Queen
Grimm: various
Gardens of Water
Bridge to Terabithia
Importance of Being Earnest
Anne Frank

Jan: Romeo and Juliet
Feb: Pride and Prejudice
March: Alice in Wonderland
             + Through the Looking Glass
April: The Crucible
May: Princess Bride
June: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
July: Little Women
August: Emma
Sep.: The Giver
Oct.: Frankenstein
November: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
       How to Be An Alien
December: Sherlock (A Study in Scarlet)
                   + Little Prince
Jan: Macbeth
      Christmas Carol
Feb: The Polar Express
           +The Goose-Girl, Grimm
Mar: Robinson Crusoe
April: The Crucible
        Peter Pan
May: Princess Bride

(I doubt I will be updating this everytime I read a classic so do note that)


Top 5 Wednesday

April 15
Most Frustrating Characters

1. America! (The Selection)
2. That pretty much covers it all


Books I Loved as a Child

Top 11

From 1st to 6th grade we had this thing called Family Reading where we needed to read some amount of pages every week and write a report about it. I recently read through them and found some of my old favorite books. So I went ahead and googled them, after which I decided to list my top 11 (couldn't narrow it to 10) favorites for you guys here:
(Now yes Harry Potter is a fave from a long time ago, but these are from before that.)

Junie B. Jones               Doctor De Soto                    Class Four's Wild Week     
Junie B. Jones and the  Stupid Smelly Bus (Junie B. Jones, #1)8173161319459

The Worst Witch           Tales of Pixie Hollow     Anything really by Roald Dahl
351023818016         6329

 Half Magic           Nelly the Monster Sitter                       Miss Fannie's Hat

And a Finnish fave: Ella ja Kaverit      Ms. Wiz Spells Trouble
22398459                           Ms. Wiz Spells Trouble


Top 5 Wednesday

April 8
Books You Wanted to Start Yesterday

1. Eragon > I don't even know how long I've had the books and I haven't even read them!
I guess that'll be the thing for all of these
2. Heir of Fire...
3. Linger and Forever
4. Wuthering Heights
5. The Catcher in the Rye


Content With What We Have?

Something Different

It has come to my attention that not only are we surrounded by the internet but that we are hugely dependent on it. Not only are we counting on being cheered by going online, we look forward to it. It might be the episode of  *title of your favorite show* on Tuesday that you look forward to every week, or the fact that you can shut everything out by just simply looking at YouTube videos. The thing is, is it even enjoyment. If you compare the hours you spent last time watching videos and everything you got from that to the time you went out with a friend: which do you remember better? I never remember what video clips I used my hour on but when I'm with a friend that's something I remember.

The thing is if we now suddenly couldn't use the internet for a week people would feel vulnerable. Maybe our calendar is online, or maybe you don't know how to enjoy your time while panicking if all you data is safe. We are devoted to updating statuses and making it seem like you have the best life, but without the hours spent online what are you actually doing? Can we do something we enjoy without using the internet? What about electricity as a whole?

That brings me to my point, which I indeed have one of, we are fascinated by pixels on a screen that change in color. Not only obsessed with it but we tend to be under the influene of it. But can we be ecstatic without it? Without any of it that is? I know we can all be happy on days we are not online, but what if we never again could be online. Could we be pleased on the life we are blessed to have? Scratch that, can we be content with the way our life would turn to be?

If this change would happen -- I know I would change, a lot. How we see the world would change. On the bus without headphones, noticing people, noticing nature. We'd have time to think about ourselves and noticing the work that needs to be done in our lives. Looking at the inner you and thinking about your dreams. We would all become different, and I don't think that's bad.

I am defenetly not saying everyone is like this! I know I have an amount of a clinging to the internet and that I don't appreciate everything that we have because I'm busy being devoted to updating something. We are prone to do what others do in some sense. Maybe it's pure pressure but maybe we want to know what's going on everywhere because we're afraid we'll be out of  "the loop".

Why do we updaate our statuses? Is it because we enjoy doing that: writing about what we are doing (and at the same time neglecting the actually thing you're saying your doing)? Or maybe we want the others to know about your actions. Maybe it's because that is what one person started and everyone now sipmly does. But when the attraction of that website dies down what did you actually get from the experience? You know what people did during the last week. But how does that give you fruit. It is an entertainment, yes, but I just want you to think of why you are doing it and what you expect to get from it that will make your life. It can make you happy but this is your life. I know that the internet is not all I want to get from the story of my life.

What do you guys think?


Top 5 Wednesday

April 1
Favorite Jokester Characters

1. The Raven Boys had multiple
2. Kenji, from Shatter Me
3. Fred and
4. George Weasley
5. Percy Jackson

Read This Month


1. Alienated
2. I Was Here
3. Royally lost (TBR)
4. Saga volume 2, graphic novel
5. Veren Vimma
6-8. Beyond the Spiderwick
9. Locke & Key 2, graphic novel
10. What If?
11. The Raft
12. Book of Ivy
13. All Fall Down
14. Robinson Crusoe (CftM)
15. Fables, graphic novel