Book Organizing

Something New

So I decided, upon getting your requests, to do kind of an organization/TBR pile post.
Now mainly I catagorize my books in an alphabetical order, by author. And also I have separated my read and not read to different shelves. In my TBR shelf though I have multiple different systems, which I will get to.

So first my ´read´ shelf thingy:
It is basically a really long shelf, from Ikea, that has almost all the books I own and have read.
They are all in alphabetical order by author as I mentioned.
>Also, I say almost all because I have a place for the Harry Potter series (picture above) elsewhere and a small self with books I love from when I was smaller.
2nd and 3rd
So then to my huge TBR pile! I was looking at them and decided to organize them again, so these pictures are from when I was working. Usually when I pick what to read next I choose based on what genre I fele like reading so I decided to organize them based on that thought.

First pile: Classics

Second pile: Stand-alones

Third pile: Quick reads (short books, books I've already started, middle grade books...)

Fourth pile: Books I don't know if I'll read, anytime soon atleast. (No picture because I picked them out of the other piles after I organized them...)

Fifth pile: All the books that are part of some serie


Sixth pile: Now this is slightly complicated: continuation books. So for example I have read four PLL books. The fifth one is in the fifth pile and the sixth and seventh ones are in this pile. So the fifth pile only consists of only the one and next one in some series I would read. If I own the next ones they go into this pile. This helps me see what book to read next, for it is not that long of a list if the whole serie is not there!

Seventh pile: Books I have in Finnish. (classics and non are separated also...)

Eigth pile: Books I am planning on reading next which is  ASAP for most.

These piles I then put onto a bookshelf, in parts.

And I think that's about all of them... It seems like a whole lot now... But the TBR jar is working on that though! So jay books.


Top 5 Wednesday

September 24th
Non YA Books

I had been waiting for this one! Since a large amount of what I read is YA, it was interesting to see what was in the minority, of non-YA.

1. Cheaper by the dozen
2. The Princess Bride
3. Pride and Prejudice
4. Half Magic
5. Babe


Leaving Poppy : review

By: Kate Cann

501692If you have been reading this blog for a longer amount of time you must be aware that I don't read horror books. Sure I watch Hannibal and shows like NCIS but that is a different kind of horror for me. I enjoy watching those but in books I need to create what I see. Not that that makes any sense... Anyway so nope horror isn't my thing.
Now a while ago I decided I would try out a horror book. I decided on this book since I already owned it and it didn't seem too creepy. So I started and it was fine. It was quite creepy I must say but I managed! I will say that I won't be reading another horror book anytime soon...

Goodreads's thing-ma-jic:
Amber's forging a new life for herself, when suddenly she falls ill and her family come to look after her. However, something in the house responds to Poppy's presence, something malign and threatening. Evil seems to permeate everywhere and Amber thinks she might never be able to escape.

If you want to expand the genres you read and move to horror I think this is an optimal book to start with. It gives a good amount horror. Even though the text really brings out the creepiness it is softened up by the likeliness of it all...


Top 5 Wednesday

 September 17th
Author Blurbs on a Book
(When an author blurbs something great that ends up quoted on the cover or back cover of a new book)

I decided to take only blurbs by authors I have read something by. And so my list became shorter.

1.Melissa Marr on Never Fade
'Riveting, emotional read that kept me on the edge'
2. Ally Carter on The Naturals
'Page turning thrill ride'
3.John Green on Eleanor and Park
4.Kiersten White on Divergent
'A heart-pounding debut'
5.Marie Lu on Etiquette and Espionage


A to Z Bookish Survey

Author you have most books from
           Ally Carter (9)
Best sequel ever
           Never Fade or Sapphire Blue
Currently reading
            Perfect lies
Drink of choice when reading
            Coffee or Tea
E-book or physical book
Fictional character you would have dated in high-school
            Any nerd...
Glad you gave this book a chance
           Leaving Poppy (Horror so no thanks but it was fine)
Hidden Gem
           Pride and Prejudice
Important movement in reading life
           Going to YA
Just finished
           Mind Games
Kinda books you won't read
           Horror (I have read one so far)
Longest book you've read
           Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?
Major book hangover because of
          Gallagher Girl series
Number of book cases you own
          2 but three shelves on walls
One book you've read multiple times
           Harry Potter series
Preferred place to read
           My bed
Quote that inspires you/gives you all the feels from a book you've read
           For the 1st part of the question: Accept who you are, unless you're a serial killer.
           For the 2nd: Okay? Okay.
Reading regret
          Summer of the Wolves
Series started you won't finish (series already come out)
Three all-time fave books
          You'll need to check out my other posts for that
Unapologetic fangirl for
          Harry Potter
Very excited for this release
          Kiss of Deception
Worst bookish habit
          Staying up...
X spot 27th book on shelf
          On my TBR shelf: Skylark
          On my Read shelf: The Tale of Despereaux
Your latest book purchase
          Little Women
Zzz last book that kept you way late
          Never Fade


Top 5 Wednesday

September 10th 
Series You Won't Finish

I made a list already in a old post: DNF. It consisted of these and more:
1. Matched
2. Warriers
3. Pretty Little Liars
4. Gifted
5. Ruby Redfort


Lucky Books

A Rambling Story

So this week I decided to do something new. I'm going to tell you a story- a true one that is, which happend to me a couple weeks back. It was around the time of my sisters birthday...

...So I was going around an old book store, shocker right, and I found two books I wanted. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn both by mark Twain. (For those like me who want to know which editions they were back from 1960 and 1944). They were not in teh best of conditions, the others spine was coming off, but I still bought them. Partly because I wanted to give money to an independant bookstore, which had a lovely lady at the counter, and then cause I just really wanted them!

*** Rewind a couple days forward***
I was placing the books onto my shelves, after a long time of moving bits aroud since all my classics didn't fit into that one boxy thingy. And as I was sitting on my chair staring at my books, holding those two new books in my hands, flipping the pages around addmiring them, looking where to place them-- I saw it.

...Flashback to the past (backstory at this point): When my sister and I were small we liked to look for four-leaf clovers. The things is we never found any. Not a single one. Nada. Sigh, back to the book.

It was right there in the corner of my eye, and then the page turned again. Was I imagining it? I flip back again and again without seeing it again. Again and again and then I see it again: A four-leaf clover. I think back to the time looking for them with my sister. And there one is perfectly pressed.

I had finally found one. Now yes I found one, not from nature but what is the propability of finding one between a book at a store. All I can say is lower than from nature!

I then wrote a quote with a quill and put the clover next to it in a frame, to give to my sister as part of her birthday present.

Later that day, from the same book, I found another one pressed which I have yet to frame with a quote.

Which quote should I pick?


Top 5 Wednesday

September 3rd
Fictional Schools You'd Want to Attend

1. Hogwarts! Who wouldn't.
2. Hex Hall
3. Finishing School in Etiquette & Espionage
4. Gallagher Academy for Exeptional Young Women
5. Classified program of FBI in The Naturals


Read This Month


1. Never Fade 1/2
2. Iron Knight
3. Why We Broke Up
4. Half Bad (TBR)
5. Emma (CotM)
6. We Were Liars
7. Shatter Me
8. Maze Runner
9. Gardens of Water1/2