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So I decided, upon getting your requests, to do kind of an organization/TBR pile post.
Now mainly I catagorize my books in an alphabetical order, by author. And also I have separated my read and not read to different shelves. In my TBR shelf though I have multiple different systems, which I will get to.

So first my ´read´ shelf thingy:
It is basically a really long shelf, from Ikea, that has almost all the books I own and have read.
They are all in alphabetical order by author as I mentioned.
>Also, I say almost all because I have a place for the Harry Potter series (picture above) elsewhere and a small self with books I love from when I was smaller.
2nd and 3rd
So then to my huge TBR pile! I was looking at them and decided to organize them again, so these pictures are from when I was working. Usually when I pick what to read next I choose based on what genre I fele like reading so I decided to organize them based on that thought.

First pile: Classics

Second pile: Stand-alones

Third pile: Quick reads (short books, books I've already started, middle grade books...)

Fourth pile: Books I don't know if I'll read, anytime soon atleast. (No picture because I picked them out of the other piles after I organized them...)

Fifth pile: All the books that are part of some serie


Sixth pile: Now this is slightly complicated: continuation books. So for example I have read four PLL books. The fifth one is in the fifth pile and the sixth and seventh ones are in this pile. So the fifth pile only consists of only the one and next one in some series I would read. If I own the next ones they go into this pile. This helps me see what book to read next, for it is not that long of a list if the whole serie is not there!

Seventh pile: Books I have in Finnish. (classics and non are separated also...)

Eigth pile: Books I am planning on reading next which is  ASAP for most.

These piles I then put onto a bookshelf, in parts.

And I think that's about all of them... It seems like a whole lot now... But the TBR jar is working on that though! So jay books.

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