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As I stated in a previous post, this is the post for how I organize my books on my shelves. I recently moved and switched shelves. My previous post about it can be found here, which is from over a year ago.

It has 9 shelves and I have organized them in sections. In each section the books are in an alphabetical order by the author, or if not I'll mention it.
The first three shelves are series that I have read and finished. Then the pile, with the pictures on top, are series I won't be continuing (yet I still want to keep them, mostly because I think they ended well and don't need a next book).

The fourth shelf on the left has stand-a-lone fantasy and magic books and next to them are suspence & mystery ones. Then the pile with the picture on top is my TBR. (Since the pile only has one left you can't exactly see how they would be organized, so I added the way I do it at the vvery end of this post). And the ones on the side are my TBR classics.

The fifth shelf is series that I am in the middle of. And then the pile on the right, on the same shelf, with a picture again, is series that I should finish. The difference with the shelf vs. the pile is that the ones on their side could be finished (the last book has been published).

The sixth shelf is for classics. On the right side are classics/award winners I've read, and are ordered by their publication dateOn the left side are bindups of classics (of which from some I have read all and from some I have yet to read any).

The seventh shelf has lighter reads (as in it would be weird if one of the characters got shot for instance).
On the right side of the white block are "fluffy" books. And on the left side are "non-fluffy" books.
The eigth shelf, on the left, are Donald Ducks and my Roald Dahls. And in the middle (right of the white block) are my non-fictions. Then on the very right side are books I'm planning of getting rid of.
The ninth and last shelf has childrens books and some photo albums.

TBR pile: This is the section which is not organized by the author but by the date I have gotten them.
Books from my librarys/sisters/brothers shelves & classics I haven't read yet.
Then my "actual" TBR which is devided to four sections: last books in series, continuation books in series, first books in series & lastly stand-a-lones.
Any questions? Do ask.,

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