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I mentioned in a post that I don't really read non-fiction, but when searching those I saw that there are some genres that I read even less, if at all.
I have an excel for my books read/to/etc. and so I have some charts and is one on genres (I have a weird way of sectioning them though so keep that in mind!)
So this has the list of all the books I've read in their categories.

So here they are in order (prosentages are close-ish to actuality):

Fantasy 16%
Magic 13% (and yes magic is part of fantasy, but here the section above is only non-magic fantasy...)
Graphic Novel 12% (from classics to magic)
Classic-y 12%
Realistic Fiction 11%
Romance (only) 8%
Agents 6% (um, yep these are weirdly sorted)
Retelling 4%
Dystopia 4%
Sci-fi 3%
Non-fiction 3%
Crime 2%
Short-story 2%
Childrens 1%
Novella 1%
Plays 1%
Poems 1%
Survival <1%
Horror <1%
Historical <1%
Read on lovelies,

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