Unhaul 2021


I recently moved, and decided to go through all of my books and purged some in hopes of saving space.

I'm not going to explain the reason for unhauling the individual books, but note that I have read them all and either don't see myself reading it again, or own it as a ebook.

1. All fall down
2. The raft
3-5. Heist society 1,2&3
6. If I stay
7. Dream a little dream
8-9. Imposter 1 & 2
10. Lola and the Boy Next Door
11. Fill-in Boyfriend
12. P.S. I Like You
13. On the fence
14. We were liars
15. Assassin's blade
16. Kiss of Deception
17. To kill a Kingdom
18-20. Selection x3
21-23. Snow Like Ashes x3
24. Eliza
25. Princess Bride
26. Howls moving

Read on lovelies,

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