2021 Anticipated Reads, New Releases and Goals

 2021 Anticipated Reads, New Releases and Goals

2020 list: link

Anticipated reads (already out):
> Inheritance Games, Barnes
> Moment of Truth, West
> Winterborne Academy for Home for Vengeance and Valor, Carter
> Once Upon a Con #3, Poston
> A Sky Beyond the Storm #3, Tahir
> Of Curses and Kisses, Menon
> One by One, Ware

New releases:
> My Contrary Mary, The Lady Janies
> The Heart Principle, Hoang
> Across the Green Grass Fields, McGuire

Goals: (same as last year)
> Read more classics than I have been (ideally maybe 5 in 2021)
> Another goal is to expand what I read
> Finish series and not push the last book back

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