TBR 2022

  TBR 2022

This is a work in progress, last updated: January 1st -22

Like the one for last year (link), these are books I own but haven't read yet.

Start of the year: 6

           Gotten 2020 (the ones I *need* to get to zero by the end of the year!)
           Gotten 2021 (the ones I'll try to get to zero by the end of the year)
           ARCs and books sent for review

               1 Soul of Stars ebook
               2 Sisters of Sword and Song (pub. Jun. 23rd -20ebook
   3 Of Curses and Kisses ebook
   4 Sky Beyond the Storm audiobook
   5 Pride and Premeditation audiobook
   6 Gilded audiobook

>1. Andersen 15/99
>2. Aesop's Fables 63/384
Jane Austen x1 (Mansfield Park)
Christie x4 (Crooked House, Curtain, Peril at End House, Death in the Clouds)
Other x2 (Great Gatsby, Treasure Island)

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