Catana Comics : review

  Catana Comics by Catana Chetwynd

What began as stray doodles on scraps of paper became an internet sensation when Catana Chetwynd’s boyfriend shared her drawings online. Now, Catana Comics touches millions of readers with its sweet, relatable humor.

From the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Snug and the bestselling Little Moments of Love comes an all-new collection, In Love & Pajamas by Catana Chetwynd of Catana Comics! 

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Release DatesJune 19th 2018, February 4th 2020 & February 2nd 2021
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Stars: ✦✦✦
So as usual, I'll tell 4.0 things I liked about the book(s) and 1.0 thing I didn't care for.

I read the first one in January 2019, and the other two July 2021

Book #1: Little Moments of Love
          #2: Snug
          #3: In Love and Pajamas

+1 | The ideas for the strips focus on the relationship, but from multiple angles.

+1 | Simply put: the entertainment value.

+1 | The drawing style is simplistic and adorable, fitting the narrative.

+/-1  | The relatability factor. Either it hits or it doesn't, I think there's something for most people to find.

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