2017 : statistics and achievements

like the one for 2016 this has all my:

Yearly Statistics % & Achievments

First of all I almost finished the 2017 TBR challenge (link),
            ^with 1 challenge left (read a 600+ page book)
& I also read ~half the books in my Books I want to get to in 2017 (link)
                                                                    (^ more on this in yesterdays 2018 anticipated reads post)
& my TBR (link) is down to 15 books.
                                                                    (^ more on this in next weeks TBR post)
& from my TBR I only have 1 more book left to read that I've bought before 2017 (Frost Like Night)


In total I read: 34
Pages ~10542
    Average length 310 pages
Format: ebook: ~(formally), audio: 2
In Finnish2
Month read most: July: 7
     least: November: 0
Most popular (according to Goodreads):  To Kill a Mockingbird
     Least popular The Engineer's Cookbook
Length: longest  My Lady Jane 491p
               shortest Herding Cats 112p
Publication oldest: 1951: They Came to Baghdad
        books I read published this year: 14
Stars: in order of most: 4,3,5,2,1 ("1" means any rating starting with a 1. Meaning 1 and 1.5 are both included in "1")
       average being ~3.78 this year & over all in all the years ~3.18
       This year I gave 2 five-stars &
                                 9 four-point-five-stars &
                                 1 one-star


Series Finished:
All Fall Down (3)
Naturals (4)
Dream a Little Dream (3)
Anomaly (2)

2018 goals, TBR etc. all coming in the next few weeks.

Anticipated reads of 2018 I posted yesterday!

Read on lovelies,


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